Recycling Achievement Recognition Week 2020

May 22, 2020
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Each year, the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection’s Recycling and Resource Management Division recognizes residents; multi-family properties, staff and residents; and businesses, organizations, local, state and federal government facilities, and employees for remarkable efforts to reduce-reuse-recycle. The goal of this recognition is to recognize these exceptional efforts, and also share these efforts with others in the County so that they, too, may learn and emulate them in their own efforts to further reduce waste, increase reuse activities, and maximize recycling achievement.


This year, the 21st Annual Montgomery County Recycling Awareness Week is like no other due to the COVID-19 health emergency. Instead of gathering together to celebrate and recognize the achievements of individuals, multi-family properties, and businesses and organizations for their contributions to reduce waste, reuse materials, and increase recycling achievement in Montgomery County, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is recognizing these outstanding achievements virtually.


Our team has found many examples of multi-family communities, businesses and organizations, and individuals working to minimize waste and increase recycling. Their efforts serve as examples for others to emulate to reduce, reuse, recycle and recycle right. Working together with our partners, the County will achieve its goal to reduce waste and recycle 70 percent and more, aiming for zero waste.


This year, recognition was given for the following efforts:


  • Highest recycling achievement for businesses and organizations that recycled more than 70 percent of their waste stream generated during calendar year 2019;
  • Innovative waste reduction, reuse and/or recycling programs that minimized the amount of solid waste disposed;
  • Outstanding educational programs to increase overall recycling awareness and motivation; and
  • Revitalized efforts to increase waste reduction, reuse and recycling programs; and
  • Community-focused efforts to increase recycling participation.


Congratulations to all of our award recognition recipients!


Waste Reduction and Recycling Champions


Ten community champions were recognized for their individual efforts to increase overall awareness of waste reduction, reuse, recycling, buying recycled products, grasscycling and backyard composting, setting an example for others in the community or at their workplace. The recipients include several recycling program volunteers who contributed their time and talents to support the County’s waste reduction and recycling efforts. The following individuals were recognized for their contributions to increase awareness and participation in the County’s recycling program:



Multi-Family Property Outstanding Educational Programs to Increase Recycling Awareness


The following multi-family properties were recognized for undertaking exemplary efforts to develop, expand, or enhance their on-site waste reduction and recycling programs for their residents.




Business Highest Recycling Achievement


The following businesses and organizations were recognized for their robust efforts to reduce waste and recycle 70% or more of their waste stream in 2019:



Business Innovative Waste Reduction, Reuse and Recycling Programs


The following business was recognized for their efforts to implement or enhance their waste reduction and reuse initiatives and/or voluntarily recycle significant quantities of materials that further reduced the overall amount of solid waste generated at their workplace:



Most Revitalized Recycling Programs


The following businesses, organizations and government facilities reinvigorated their waste reduction and recycling programs to increase opportunities for employees, students, customers, and staff to recycle more materials.  These efforts included utilizing tonnage report data, user surveys, waste audits, and on-site monitoring to identify challenges and develop creative and innovative solutions.



Business Outstanding Waste Reduction and Recycling Programs


The following businesses, non-profit organizations, and government facilities were recognized for their efforts to provide a higher level of education, training and awareness to their employees, staff and customers in an engaging manner to increase overall awareness and participation in their on-site recycling program:



Most Community Focused


The following organization prioritizes providing recycling to the public and our community at large. The contribution of these efforts ensures more access to and awareness of recycling efforts in our County:



Congratulations to each of the recipients for their exemplary efforts to reduce-reuse-recycle. Your contributions are examples of the efforts needed for the County to reach its goal to reduce waste and recycle 70 percent and more while aiming for zero waste. Detailed information about each of the award recipients is available on our website.

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