Booze Creek Gets a Face Lift

Lower portion of Booze Creek after repair work, Cabin John Parkway can be seen in the background. March 23, 2021
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Nearly 1400 young trees find a new home along Booze Creek 

As of April 2021, the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection has completed more than three quarters of the Booze Creek stream restoration project.  Efforts are now focused on providing new homes for trees within the riparian area along the stream. The project, which extends from River Road to Cabin John Parkway, encompasses approximately 3,775 linear feet of Booze Creek, a tributary to Cabin John Creek.  

The goals of this restoration project are
  1. Stabilization of the stream channel and preventing the loss of soil from streambanks. 
  2. Reconnecting the stream to the floodplain.
  3. Aquatic and riparian habitat enhancement and
  4. Protection of existing utility (sewer) infrastructure. 

Stabilization of the Stream Banks

Erosion of the streambanks had exposed a sewer line in several locations throughout the project area, creating a potential environmental disaster if the sewer lines were damaged by high stream flow during storms.  Stabilization of the stream banks also prevents soil loss and reduces the amount of sediment pollution washing downstream to the Potomac and Chesapeake Bay.   

Improving Overall Ecosystem!

Reducing soil erosion, protecting sewer infrastructure and improving the aquatic habitat in Booze Creek, was not the only focus. 1,337 trees and shrubs will be planted on the stream banks and throughout the riparian area These plantings will improve riparian habitat over time.  Therefore, providing shade to the stream to keep water temperature low and help stabilize the stream banks.  As a result, make for a better overall ecosystem. 

Some of the 1,337 trees and shrubs being planted throughout the Booze Creek Project area (April 2021).

Improving Water Quality –  One Project at a time!

The Booze Creek Stream Restoration Project and many others completed in Montgomery County demonstrate the County’s commitment to improving conditions in our local streams and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay.   

To learn more about these restoration projects visit the Department of Environmental Protection website. 

One comment on "Booze Creek Gets a Face Lift"

  1. Ron Knipling says:

    Where can I access Booze Creek Park to see it and the new work? I have driven around there and don’t see a public access. Thank you, Ron Knipling

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