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Commercial Solar
Commercial Solar June 7, 2021
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Fitzgerald Solar Array

We, the Department of Environmental Protection for Montgomery County, envision a County where under-utilized commercial space is filled with solar.

We see parking lots covered with solar canopies, turning a hot, barren parking lot, into a sheltered area that powers buildings with clean electricity.

We see rooftops covered in panels, turning empty space into an energy provider and a crucial step in meeting our Climate Goals.  

Help Us Meet our Zero Emissions Goals

Electricity in Montgomery County accounts for nearly 30% of the County-wide greenhouse gas emissions. To meet the County’s zero emissions goal, decarbonizing the electricity supply is a top priority. There has been impressive adoption of solar in the residential space, but we know they’re many barriers for commercial property owners and developers trying to reach them. We see the lack of awareness of the benefits, confusion over how to find a qualified installer, and concerns over long term performance, and the financials themselves as barriers, but we’d like to understand some more details.  

We Want to Hear From You!

While solar project economics appear to be favorable, we know adoption is not yet commonSo, we’re hoping you’ll partner with us to help us better understand your hurdles, and how to help you install solar. Information shared will be kept anonymous and only used to inform future County efforts to accelerate or promote solar installations. 

Fill Out The Survey

Please, if you’re a solar developer, or commercial land owner or tenant who is interest in solar or has installed solar, please share you opinions and experiences with us: The survey will be open until June 30, 2021.  

Thank you in advance for any information you share and helping to install more commercial solar in the years to come! 

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  1. John Larkin says:


    Can someone from either the Permitting Dept or Planning call me to discuss Solar Farms in Montgomery County?

    Thank you,
    John Larkin

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