Extra Credit Opportunities: Learn about the climate this summer! 

July 1, 2021
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While MCPS may be out for the summer, there’s no need for students to pause their climate education. Numerous organizations are offering affordablevirtual camps and workshops focused on the environment and climate change. These educational opportunities are a great way for your student to begin or continue building their knowledge of climate issues. 

To all Montgomery County students, we wish you a happy summer and happy learning! 

Summer Opportunities 


Camp Climatedu – Climatedu 
Dates: Every Wednesday 4:30-6 PM EST from June 23 to August 25, 2021

Cost: Free
Link: https://climatedu.org/camp/ 

Starting off the list strong, a Montgomery County program, Climatedu, is hosting a 10-week online mini-course on climate science and sustainability. Created and led by students, this camp is for middle school and high school students, but anyone is welcome to join. Sessions will be held over Zoom and will cover many topics, including climate basics, waste, food, transportation, and urbanization. Working through course materials, listening to speakers, and playing fun games are all listed as camp activities. The camp advertises that campers will also have the opportunity to choose, develop, and present their own personal projects. 

 Summer Climate Workshops – Spring Forward
Dates: July 7th, 10th, 14th, 17th, and August 4th, 7th, 11th, 14th, 2021
Cost: Free
Link: https://www.springforwardclimate.org/summer-workshops 

Spring Forward, a climate education organization created and led by high school students, is hosting a eight-part workshop series on a wide variety of climate issues. Subjects range from an introduction on climate change to topics such as fast fashion and redlining. The sessions are designed for elementary and middle school students, ages 7-13, and taught by high school students. Workshop start times vary (either 11 AM or 4 PM EST), but all sessions last an hour long and will be conducted through Zoom. 

 Camp Mo – Edmodo & C21 Education
Dates: July 5-16, 2021 (session 1) or July 19-302021 (session 2)
Cost: $20
Link: https://go.edmodo.com/campmo/ 

Camp Mo is an online summer camp for students age 7-14 through the academic platform EdmodoEach two week (10 day) session guides students through educational projectwith videos, readings, hands-on activities, student to student conversations, and access to online camp counselors. Daily activities are listed as 2-3 hours longFor $20 your student has access to all activities under both camp themes offered: “The Creative World” and “The Natural World.” The latter explores environmental science and sustainable development, including the topics of water quality, renewable energy, weather, climate, agriculture, and biodiversity. Greener Together: Summer Camp at Home – Environment America
Dates: Ongoing
Cost: Free
Link: https://environmentamerica.org/feature/ame/greener-together-summer-camp-home#week3 

Designed for students age 512, Environment America has put together a four-week self-guided summer camp equipped with readings, videos, crafts, and a printable activity booklet. The camp’s topics include neighborhood plants and animals, how to take care of waterways, climate change and its solutions, and how to use your voice to protect the environment. Each day’s activity is approximately 1 hour long, though the website states that each can be expanded for “endless” exploration. 


Energy Resources – National Energy Education Development (NEED)
Dates: Ongoing
Cost: Free
Links: https://www.need.org/need-students/ & https://www.need.org/distancelearning/ 

Understanding energy is a critical part of understanding climate change and its potential solutions. Luckily, NEED has put together multiple webpages of helpful resources and activities. NEED has compiled fact sheets and links to check out, energy info books complete with educational prompts and activities, as well as a list of energy games, puzzles, and activities to work through. In addition, NEED continues to add resources to its collection of Distance Learning Resources on climate change. 


Climate Education Resources – The Wild Center
Dates: Ongoing
Cost: Free
Link: https://www.wildcenter.org/our-work/youth-climate-program/resources/ 

While it isn’t a structured camp or program, the Wild Center has put together a list of climate education resources for students, teachers, and the general public. Learning about climate change on your own can be intimidating, but the Wild Center’s list is a great place to start. The list includes recorded seminars, articles, videos, curriculum guides, and trusted news sources to explore 


Climate Education – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA)
Dates: Ongoing
Cost: Free
Link: https://www.noaa.gov/education/resource-collections/climate 

Similarly to NEED and the Wild Center, NOAA has also created a collection of resources covering oceans and coasts, weather and atmosphere, marine life, freshwater, and climate. The climate collection includes explanations of the carbon cycle, changing seasons, climate change impacts, and climate data monitoring, alongside additional resources such as background information, data explanations, lesson plans, activities, multimedia, career resources, and related stories. Self-motivated students should be able to take a deep dive into climate change with these resources.  

Written and compiled by Susannah Auderset, Montgomery County Climate Planning Team Intern, Summer 2021.

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  1. The link requires an Edmodo password. There is not a link to register. We need a link to register for the Edmodo camp that starts on July 19th.

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