Going Green: 8 Excellent Environment-Friendly Home Office Solutions

March 3, 2021
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Going Green: 8 Excellent Environment-Friendly Home Office Solutions

The world is undeniably changing. However, it is not always changing for the better, and environmental choices make a difference.

This is precisely why green or environment-friendly solutions are made available for us. Now, we can do even small things to save the environment. And we can start with our home office.

Below we have eight simple things that you can do to make your home office more environment-friendly:

1. Switch to Energy Saving Devices

Energy-saving devices have a lower carbon footprint. Because they don’t use much power, there are also fewer fumes released into the air from burning fossil fuels.

You can begin with something small like your lights. Instead of using regular incandescent bulbs or CFLs, use LED light bulbs. LED lights might cost more, but they’re more energy-efficient, thus, lasting longer. Many local programs might also exchange old bulbs for free and give you LEDs to replace them!

You can also opt for power strips instead of regular extension cables. These are designed to shut off electronics that are not in use automatically. And if you’re fond of leaving laptops or desktops on standby mode, they can turn that off, too.

By using energy-saving devices, you not only protect the environment, but you’ll also be able to save more.

2. Adopt the 5 R’s

5 R’s refer to Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle.

REFUSE products that are damaging to the environment.

REDUCE things you use. For example, reduce the use of paper and type down the things you need to write.

REUSE products. Avoid using disposable items. Instead, buy things you can reuse, such as a reusable mug you can bring to your office.

REPURPOSE items. Use your creativity to change old things and make them new instead of throwing them out.

RECYCLE or donate things that can still be used.

Got a box that you feel the need to throw out? Maybe you can still use that as an organizer.

Are you thinking of buying a new table? Try to sell or donate the old one.

Little things, but they can make a big difference.

3. Look for Green Paints

Don’t like green color? Well, don’t worry because we’re not telling you to paint your home office green.

“Green” refers to environmentally-friendly paints. These are paints that don’t contain harmful ingredients like volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

So, if you plan to do some repainting, checking the paint’s ingredients is essential before buying them.

4. Declutter with Recycled Shelves

We have already mentioned recycling earlier, and it is something you should try applying to your shelves.

If you plan to buy brand new shelves for the things you need in your office, you can try recycling wood panels and hang them on your wall. These wood panels will serve as the base for all your items. It will not only benefit the environment, but it makes your home office even look nicer.

Find other ways to organize your room without the need to buy new stuff, do so. The internet is such a broad place, and you can surely find dedicated green websites that can share tons of ideas.

5. Invest in Eco-Friendly Office Furniture

If you can’t find materials that you can repurpose and turn into something else, you can always invest in eco-friendly office furniture.

From your office desk to your chair, couches, and the shelves of your home office, you will surely find an eco-friendly option in the market made from sustainable wood products, recycled materials, and fair labor standards. These may cost more than your traditional furniture, but it is undoubtedly a good investment.

6. Use Natural Light

If you’re still choosing a room for your home office, look for a space where there’s plenty of natural light. This way, you don’t have to use electricity to provide light in your whole room.

You can also then position your desk near the window for better lighting. Added to that, you get to have a great view from the outside, too.

If this is not possible and your home office can’t get enough lighting, try to change things up on some days. You can choose to work outside to get more natural lighting, which will help save from your electricity bills.

7. Decorate Your Office with Plants

Working at home can be draining, and there are times when we want to go out and get a breath of fresh air. But if you’re too busy, this may not be possible.

Fortunately, we can bring plants into our homes.

Plants are always good for your health. They can help improve air quality, reduce stress, and boost your productivity. So, if you feel the need to decorate your home office with a few of them, that would be great.

8. Opt for Green Cleaning

Lastly, opt for green cleaning.

Many cleaning products contain ingredients that harm the world we live in. By simply switching to eco-friendly cleaning products, you can make a big difference.

Always remember to check the ingredients and ensure that your cleaning products don’t contain harmful chemicals. We’re talking about phthalates and formaldehyde and other harsh chemicals and pesticides.

Aside from the fact that this is harmful to the environment, it might cause you to get sick, too.

Going green is not always easy. However, we don’t have to do big things to make a difference. You can start by doing the eight small things above in your home office. And soon, try to apply it to your whole house.

Written by Raymond Chiu at Maid Sailors NYC Office Cleaning

One comment on "Going Green: 8 Excellent Environment-Friendly Home Office Solutions"

  1. Ranch Office says:

    Good article! Having a functional, eco-friendly workspace is essential when you’re working from home. However, that doesn’t always mean you should, or indeed have to, work from that dedicated home space all the time. Changing location (use local cafes or coworking spaces for this) is crucial because working in the same environment all the time can be depressing. Experimenting with new layouts can help keep you from getting tired of your surroundings.

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