How to Green your summer BBQ

August 12, 2021
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Make your BBQ a little lighter on the planet! Check out some of these easy ways to “green” your event.

Use reusable plates and utensils

It’s easy to set up a trash can to scrape waste into, and a separate tub for guests to put their used plates and utensils in for quick transport back to the kitchen. If you must use disposables, get items made from natural materials like paper, bamboo, or corn starch and compost when possible.

Compost food scraps

Set up a bin that says compost on it during the bbq! Many urban and suburban locations have home pickup services that can collect everything from bones to vegetable scraps, or put non-animal food scraps into a rodent-proof compost bin at home.

Set your guests up for success

Clearly label and conveniently place containers out for compost, trash, recycling, and kitchen items. You’ll find it much easier at the end of your party to tidy up!

Keep your party bug-free, naturally

Set up several fans to blow away mosquitoes, instead of spraying toxic chemicals. Mosquitos are weak fliers and fans work well to keep them away from you and your guests! More natural ideas are here:

Green up your food options!

Sure, it’s a BBQ, but consider more plant-based foods for the planet. Grilled vegetable kabobs, grilled pizza, corn, fresh veggie platters are foods many people love and are lighter on the environment. Buy organic and free-range meats, provide some of the delicious plant-based burgers and hot dogs on the market, and don’t forget the appetizers and dessert—no one goes hungry if the grilled foods run out.

Save those leftovers!

Don’t let that watermelon go to waste! Be creative with leftovers and get them in the fridge or freezer fast—fruits and veggies can be turned into juice and smoothies the next day or be frozen for smoothies later, meats can be frozen for your neighbor’s dog, leftover buns can be toasted into croutons! The internet is your friend with a simple “how to use” for almost any leftover.

What other ideas do you have? We’d love to hear how you “green up” your outdoor parties!

Written by Mary Travaglini

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