Introducing: Aging Connected

January 19, 2021
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Senior Planet is excited to announce the launch of Aging Connected, their new national campaign dedicated to closing the technology adoption gap for older adults. With generous support from the Humana Foundation, they have a goal of bringing one million seniors online with high-speed internet by 2022.

Did you know that nearly 22 million seniors 65 and older in the United States still lack broadband access at home? Aging Connected is helping to connect older adults across the country with low-cost internet options and learning opportunities through Senior Planet.

  • If you’d like to learn more about this initiative and help get friends and family online, visit to find out more and use our low-cost internet search tool.

Senior Planet Montgomery 

DEP has been working with Senior Planet Montgomery to help residents  “Age with Attitude” since early 2020. We have been working to help residents keep money in their pockets and ensuring access to learning opportunities to explore technology that can lower their utility bills.

Through virtual workshops, we offer sessions for older adults focused on user-friendly tools and resources so residents can utilize energy-saving technologies to improve their daily lives. There are many ways technology can improve or assist energy conservation–whether it’s monitoring your energy usage, paying your utility bill online, or finding energy inefficiencies in your home.

We provide programming every month from “learning to read your utility bill” to “LED lightbulbs” – we even have classes in Spanish. You can find upcoming programs here: 


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