Local student brings the power of the sun to everyone

August 10, 2021

Emma Hubbard attends the Early College Program at Montgomery College Takoma Park (majoring in Biological Sciences) and is a senior at Clarksburg High School. She got into solar energy electronics out of experimenting with Arduino and various YouTube projects. Originally the boxes were going to be hand-crank, but she saw the potential for solar panels and it was easy to integrate them into the electrical circuits for the chargers. With our current commitments to make the switch to clean energy, Emma believes we are alienating the lower class. The average per capita salary in the world is less than $20,000 and if we want to be inclusive in the journey to a cleaner future, then we have to discuss clean energy accessibility.

About Electra Sun 

Her solar charging initiative provides services to those in need and serving the community. From parks to electric scooter charging, and serving emergency shelters, Electra Sun aims to bring the power of the sun to everyone.

Their Philosophy

Their company models the theory of Clean Energy Accessibility (CEA). This theory describes the belief that everyone should have access to sustainable energy sources regardless of economic status. CEA is crucial as it optimizes a society’s ability to implement sustainable policies. Allowing our current actions to continue would mean that the use of fossil fuels by the poorer classes would only diminish the positive environmental efforts the middle class/upper class make. This means that we have to make sure that those who occupy the lower classes aren’t stuck using environmentally harmful energy sources simply because they cannot afford cleaner technologies.

Their mission is to put clean solar energy into the hands of everyone.

Learn More and Request Services

Visit: electrasun.org to learn more about Electra Sun and to even set up a solar charging project with them! If you feel like solar charging stations can help those in your community, then send us a request at the bottom of their website.

2 comments on "Local student brings the power of the sun to everyone"

  1. Christine Feinthel says:

    I appreciate the all purpose solar light I bought that charges in front of my house and that I use to move from room to room late at night or to go to bathroom etc. I try to remember to keep at bedside. and to use in my car (interior car lights have long ago died.). I also have a solar watch which costs more than a regular watch, but saves on not having to buy batteries.
    Yes, solar tends to cost more, but lifetime use and cost is much less. ( My electric bill is zero 7 months of the year. Lower class people are not future oriented so are less apt to recognize total savings. (I was a welfare caseworker at one time)

    I saw a large solar panel at a Glenmont shopping center.

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