Local Student Creates a Solar Charger for Everyone

May 3, 2021
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Emma Hubbard attends the Early College Program at Montgomery College Takoma Park (majoring in Biological Sciences) and is a senior at Clarksburg High School. She got into solar energy electronics out of experimenting with Arduino and various YouTube projects. Originally the boxes were going to be hand-crank, but she saw the potential for solar panels and it was easy to integrate them into the electrical circuits for the chargers. With our current commitments to make the switch to clean energy, Emma believes we are alienating the lower class. The average per capita salary in the world is less than $20,000 and if we want to be inclusive in the journey to a cleaner future, then we have to discuss clean energy accessibility. 

The Electra Bolt box was built out of 2 old Ramen noddle boxes and the mini box was built out of the Amazon package some pack of batteries came with. Emma believes that in order for us to realize a cleaner future, we have to take into account human behavior. Meaning that any technology we implement has to be (at least) as convenient and beneficial as current technology is. So these boxes were made so that people can see how solar energy can be implemented into our daily lives and routines.

Their Philosophy

Our company models the theory of Clean Energy Accessibility (CEA). This theory describes the belief that everyone should have access to sustainable energy sources regardless of economic status. CEA is crucial as it optimizes a society’s ability to implement sustainable policies. Allowing our current actions to continue would mean that the use of fossil fuels by the poorer classes would only diminish the positive environmental efforts the middle class/upper class make. This means that we have to make sure that those who occupy the lower classes aren’t stuck using environmentally harmful energy sources simply because they cannot afford cleaner technologies.

Our mission is to put clean solar energy into the hands of everyone. Our products allow continuous, portable use of solar energy. With 13% of the world not having access to electricity, our goal is to donate our products to those in need so that access to electricity is no longer a barrier to economic mobility.

The Boxes

The Electra Bolt Box and Mini Box are solar chargers whose electrical circuits support 100% solar powered charging. These boxes allow freedom and mobility throughout the day. They are useful in emergencies and you can feel safe knowing that your devices are charged.

It’s cheap to make ($120 for Bolt Box and $20 for Mini Box). They are useful in road trips, plane travel, and everyday outings. And most importantly, they allow those in need to have access to clean energy.

Plans for the Future

We need to prove that the quality and standard of living will continue to be consistent, despite the switch to renewable energy. Our company wishes to sell these boxes and use the profits to donate these boxes to those in need. At least 25% of these boxes will be donated to Native American Territories (Primarily the Navajo Nation) as they face struggles with electricity insecurity and infrastructural neglect. The rest of the boxes will be donated to schools, homeless shelters, and post-natural disaster sites.

How You Can Help

We need financial help to get this invention optimized for charging and durability (get a more durable casing using recycled plastic or 3D printing), patented, and mass-produced. We are at the beginning of our journey and we need a more durable prototype for mass production and patenting. 

Help us end electricity insecurity and promote clean energy accessibility by donating to our GoFundMe: https://gofund.me/12f7f05d

Please share our link and spread awareness of the theory of clean energy accessibility!

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