Completing Benchmarking Data Verification Fields in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

February 9, 2021
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For properties covered by the energy benchmarking law, data verification is required the first year of energy benchmarking reporting and every three years thereafter. Data verification requires a verifier holding an “accepted verification credential” to review property use details and energy data for completeness and accuracy. DEP recommends using Portfolio Manager’s Data Verification Checklist which contains all of the fields that need to be reviewed. Please note that the “Indoor Environmental Standards” section is not required to complete data verification, nor is a site visit.

To better track data verification, the EPA has added additional data verification fields to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. For more information, please review DEP’s Official Guide to Benchmarking (verification info on p. 11) with screenshots for entering data verification.

How to Add Verifier Information

Once the data verifier has reviewed all required information and signed off on the report, a new “Verification” box is available at the bottom of the “Details” tab in Portfolio Manager. Verifier information can be entered here:

You may select the verifier from your existing Portfolio Manager contact list or enter verifier details on the next page:

Please note that while Portfolio Manager lists several commonly held data verification credentials by name, DEP will accept verification with any of the “accepted verification credentials” listed on the benchmarking website. To have a report accepted by DEP, please enter the name and license number for “Other” designations in the space provided.

Upon saving verifier information, a summary will appear in the “Verification” box at the bottom of the “Details” tab:

The verification information will be transmitted to DEP along with energy data and property information for the calendar year being reported.

For questions or assistance on data verification or submitting benchmarking reports, please contact our Benchmarking Helpdesk at

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