Partners in Energy: Roy Deitchman, CEAQAC Member

March 22, 2021

One person can make a difference and this series profiles a leader, advocate, or resident who is dedicated to improving energy efficiency and helping the county realize its goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2027 and 100% by 2035. Find out more about them in their own words.

This installment highlights Roy Deitchman of Rockville a newly appointed member of Climate, Energy, and Air Quality Advisory Committee (CEAQAC). This Committee is charged with advising the Montgomery County Executive and Council on issues related to energy and air quality. CEAQAC was established by Montgomery County Code Chapter 18A-5.  The Committee is comprised of 15 County residents appointed by the County Executive and approved by the County Council.

My Green Montgomery: When did you first become interested in energy and climate change? 

Roy Deitchman: In graduate school studying forestry, I completed a biometeorology class (in 1972).  We studied the increasing level of atmospheric carbon dioxide and its potential impacts on wildlife and trees.

MGM: What do you like most about living in Montgomery County?

RD: I enjoy the diversity of outdoor activities available in the County and our really nice neighbors.  Also, there is easy access to mass transit.0 

MGM: If you could be a renewable energy source, which would one would you be?

RD:Geothermal power.  I have been fascinated with ecological management of water resources and hydrology.

MGM: What has been your proudest accomplishment when it comes to energy or water savings?

RD: While working at Amtrak, we joined the Chicago Climate Exchange – CCX (a voluntary effort by organizations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions).  From 2002 to 2010, we were able to reduce greenhouse gas emission by about 12 percent and with a significant increase in train ridership.

MGM: What green projects are you working on now in your home or community?County Seal

RD: Just been appointed to Montgomery County Climate, Energy and Air Pollution Advisory Committee.

MGM: What’s your favorite way to save energy in your home?

RD: Reducing indoor temperatures in the winter; increasing indoor air temperatures in the summer in the house.

MGM: What’s one thing you’d like to share with your neighbors about energy efficiency?

RD: Consider only purchasing ENERGY STAR appliances, Certified appliances often feature the ENERGY STAR mark directly on the yellow EnergyGuide label. The EnergyGuide indicates how much energy is used to operate each appliance and provides an energy scale for you to compare products. It also lists approximate annual operating costs. Your exact costs will depend on local utility rates and types and sources of energy.



2 comments on "Partners in Energy: Roy Deitchman, CEAQAC Member"

  1. Pat Graham says:

    I enjoyed Mr. Deitchman’s remarks. It’s great to see that he is still truly an environmentalist. He is very genuine in his dealing with individuals and projects. It was great working with him and being supervised by him. He assisted toward my goals for professional development and provided great leadership toward the successful development and growth I was able to acquire. He is a gentleman of character and I consider him a true friend.

    1. Larissa Johnson says:

      Thank you for sharing Pat, we are grateful to have Mr. Deitchman on the Climate, Energy, and Air Quality Advisory Committee.

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