Pollution Prevention Week- Stormwater Management Facilities

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September 23, 2021
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Tools in the fight against plastic pollution:


Did you know that stormwater management facilities can often keep plastics out of the Chesapeake Bay?



Many stormwater management structures have components specifically designed for this purpose. Large aboveground facilities have trash racks over the low flow opening and/or over the whole outfall of the riser structure.








In vegetated facilities, tall grasses can be used in front of the outfalls to serve as a living filter where a trash rack may not be practical to install.







Underground structures also collect plastics and other trash debris.



NOTHING should be dumped into any manhole or grated inlet in the county.



This photo shows a Stormfilter system that has collected so much debris the water levels were above the filter cartridges.



The debris takes up volume in these systems and reduces the amount of room available to hold water during storm events.


Whether underground or aboveground, all stormwater systems need to be cleaned out on a regular basis not only to prevent plastics form entering our local streams but to prevent flooding upstream of the stormwater systems.


What can you do? When you are on your next plogging adventure look for storm drains where you can pick up trash! Or commit to monitoring and keeping your nearest public drain inlet clean!

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