Join us March 19th for the “Go Electric” event!

March 1, 2022

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Go Electric on March 19th!

10am-4pm, Montgomery College, North Campus Drive, Rockville—-Outdoors!

Curious about electric leaf blowers and mowers? Interested in an electric car or solar panels for your property? Come to our Go Electric event and learn more!

  • Recycle gas yard equipment and small appliances for free
  • Learn about special March discounts and rebates on electric leaf blowers at ACE stores in Montgomery County
  • Check out a Ride On electric bus–bring the kids!
  • Enjoy sustainable and plant-based food!
  • Bring your old lightbulbs and get up to 3 free LEDs
  • Tour electric cars in person and learn about car charging systems
  • Learn about solar charging for your building and installation incentives
  • Switch from fossil fuels to sustainable electric sources and save $$
  • Check out County green energy initiatives
  • And more!

Homeowners, property managers, renters, landscapers, car enthusiasts, and builders will all find something useful.

$100-$200 rebates on electric leaf blowers for landscapers:

Are you a landscaping business in Montgomery County? We have electric leaf blower rebates! Whether you’re a sole-proprietor or large company, you can get $100 per electric leaf blower you buy (up to 2) if you APPLY HERE and agree to exchange a gas leaf blower for each rebate.


Special thanks to our partners!

¡19 de marzo “Go Electric”!

10am-4pm, Montgomery College, North Campus Drive, Rockville

¿Tiene curiosidad acerca de las podadoras de césped y sopladoras de hojas eléctricas? ¿Está interesado en carros eléctricos o paneles solares para su propiedad? ¡Venga a nuestro evento “Go Electric” y aprenda más!

  • Recicle gratuitamente sus herramientas de gas para jardinería y electrodomésticos pequeños
  • Aprenda sobre descuentos especiales para el mes de marzo y reembolsos en sopladoras de hojas eléctricas en las tiendas ACE en el condado de Montgomery
  • Vea un bus eléctrico de Ride-on ¡traiga a los niños!
  • ¡Disfrute de comida sostenible y basada en plantas!
  • Cambie hasta 3 bombillas incandescentes por bombillas de LED gratis
  • Vea carros eléctricos en persona y aprenda sobre sistemas de cargadores para carros
  • Aprenda acerca de cargadores solares para su edificio y los incentivos de instalación
  • Cambie los combustibles fósiles por fuentes de energía sostenibles y ahorre $$
  • Aprenda sobre las iniciativas de energía verde del condado
  • ¡Y más!

Dueños de casa, gerentes de propiedad, inquilinos, jardineros profesionales, aficionados de carros, y constructores encontrarán algo útil.

Convocatoria especial para jardineros profesionales:

¿Es usted un jardinero profesional localizado en el condado de Montgomery?

¡Témenos reembolsos para la compra de sopladoras de hojas eléctricas! Sin importar que sea un propietario único o de una compañía grande, usted puede recibir un reembolso de $100 por sopladora de hojas eléctricas que usted compre (limite dos) si usted APLICA AQUÍ y acepta cambiar una sopladora de hojas de gas por cada reembolso.

40 comments on "Join us March 19th for the “Go Electric” event!"

  1. Pat Kaufman says:

    Are residents, not including businesses, of Gaithersburg eligible for discounts or rebates on electric leaf blowers?

    If so, do residents have to apply for the rebate on this site or can they apply at the actual event 3/19/22?

    If eligible, are residents required to exchange a gas leaf blower to get the rebate?

    1. Mary Travaglini says:

      Pat, yes, this is open to anyone who’s address is in Montgomery County. We encourage people to get their vouchers the day of the event, but the return can be at point of purchase. 🙂

      1. Kevin says:

        What building/room is the event located in?

        1. Mary Travaglini says:

          Hi Kevin–the event is outdoors, across from the track, on North Campus Drive–you won’t miss it!

      2. Estefany feliz says:

        Will Marc Elrich be there?

        1. Mary says:

          Yes, he should be doing a public address at 1pm.

  2. Richard A. Jaffe says:

    Will there be e-bikes there to see or even try out?

    1. Mary Travaglini says:

      Yes, we have at least one e-bike company attending.

  3. Ann Kohl says:

    Are e-bikes included in this presentation? If not, it would be a missed opportunity to showcase an environmentally friendly alternative mode of transportation.

    1. Mary Travaglini says:

      Ann, yes, we have at least one e-bike company coming.

  4. Ada says:

    I am interested to buy e-bike too, just don’t know where to park at grocery stores, library, etc.

  5. Alfred Zeno Minichiello says:

    Looking forward to attending and learning!!
    Will there be resources for county residents in HOA’s, for the HOA as well as the homeowner to install / coordinate electric car charging stations?
    Thank you!

    1. Mary Travaglini says:

      Alfred–yes, we should have resources to help you out!

  6. Kevin says:

    See Pepco participing, will Potomac Edison be there too?
    (Located outside of Pepco area and in MoCo)

    1. Mary Travaglini says:

      Hi Kevin, Potomac Edison will not be at this event, but hopefully the information and exhibits we have will benefit you in working with them on EMpower and other energy programs they have for you.

    2. Neil Keating says:

      Hi Kevin – sorry Potomac Edison is unable to attend, but please visit our website to find out more about our EV Driven program, including rebates toward the purchase and installation of residential chargers:

      You can also email us at if you have questions. Thanks!

      – Potomac Edison EV Team.

  7. John says:

    Does “small appliance recycling” include computer video monitors and stereo receivers??

    1. Mary Travaglini says:

      John, we actually had to cancel the appliance recycling which would have been limited anyway, but all those can be taken to our transfer station at no cost at 16101 Frederick Road–just less than a mile up the street from the event! There is an electronics recycling station there.

  8. Sarah says:

    You say that electrification is “clean,” but it depends on where that electricity comes from. Will their booths at this even making clear to residents if MoCo how to ensure their utility gets its power from a renewable source?
    Also, the solution to our problem long term is not to switch from one type of car to another, but to build better public transportation networks. When I lived in Japan, I could always get to the most remote corners of the country by some combination of train or bus. Same for Switzerland. We would put ourselves ahead of the curve by bravely enacting incentives to encourage walking, cycling snd public transport and discourage individual car ownership and use. The harm cars do to human health and the planet is more than what comes out of the tailpipe.
    Please don’t tell me it’s not possible. I m 58 and made the commitment never to own a car when I was 16. Been 42 years and never had an issue.

    1. Mary Travaglini says:

      Sarah, awesome job being car free! Very admirable. In fact, our transportation services will be there with lots of info on alternative transportation, along with an electric Ride-on bus, our solar partners will know a lot about your questions for solar energy, and PEPCO reps can hopefully address your questions, along with our energy staff. And we are lucky that our local Ride-on buses can especially get people to very dispersed areas of our County!

    2. John Brown says:

      While what you say is true, the US has never been decimated by war. Europe and Japan are not only more dense, they were able to rebuild with more modern public transportation in mind because they were completely devastated after WWII. It’s not a fair comparison.

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  10. Georgia Guhin I says:

    Is there a list of electric vehicles that will be on display?

    1. Georgia,
      Here is the current privately owned EVs expected to be on static display at the event:
      Chevy Bolt
      Rivian R1T
      Jaguar I-Pace
      Ford Mach-E
      Kia EV 6
      VW ID4
      Prius Prime PHEV
      Zero Motorcycle
      Tesla Model 3
      Tesla Model X
      Tesla Model Y
      Tesla Model S )
      Pickman Truck
      Possibly a Lucid
      Also, we expect Tesla and Polstar to be represented.

  11. Rafael Murphy says:

    We unfortunately will be out of town but are very interested in the event. Who or where can we follow up with for additional information if we can’t make it? We just purchased an EV and are interested in adding a solar roof and at the very least a home charger.

  12. Hi Rafael,
    I’m with Poolesville Green so not answering officially for Mont. Co. DEP but here’s some things to consider:
    Montgomery County Solar Co-op is launching and includes an home EV charger option (install only solar, only EV charger, or both). At a minimum, the co-op can provide you with a bid on your project to compare to others. Actually looks like they are signing up (no obligation) interested residents now:
    Also, for more EV related info and to connect with other owners, check out the “Ask an EV Owner” meeting (1st Wednesdays) or monthly EVADC meeting (3rd Wednesdays) listed under events at
    Lastly, Poolesville Green will conduct another EV owner showcase at the Montgomery Co. GreenFest on Apr 23rd at Brookside Gardens. The solar co-op folks will be there too.
    Congrats on going EV!!

  13. Scott S says:

    Hope to learn about rebates and incentives for home Solar Power.

    Wasn’t sure if MD would get an injection of new solar rebates even though Build Back Better was stalled/killed in Congress.

  14. Estefany Feliz says:

    Will Marc Elrich be there?

  15. Max Trapasso says:

    Hi, are dogs allowed at this outdoor event?


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