Is it time for a new lawn mower? Go Electric!

Photo by Daniel Watson October 1, 2022

Is it time for a new lawn mower?

If you are in the market for a new lawn mower, take some tips from the pros on buying a new electric lawn mower!

Electric lawn mowers are a quieter and cleaner alternative to gas mowers and have no harmful fumes to breathe in while you are working. They also often require less maintenance than gas mowers.

We’ve broken down the top things to consider when buying an electric mower.

Corded or Battery Powered—which is better?

Corded Lawn Mower

Electric mowers can be corded or cordless. Corded mowers do not need to be charged and will not run out of power in the middle of a job, and are better for the environment, as raw materials are not needed to create the battery. They do require the user to navigate around the cord when mowing, which may be difficult, but with a quick video lesson can help!  In addition, they may require the use of an extension cord for larger yards. Cordless mowers do not have these issues, however, battery life and charging times can vary. Mowers with a longer battery life or that have batteries that can be switched out easily allow users to complete longer jobs without running out of battery and waiting for it to recharge.

Does the voltage matter?

Electric mowers come in a variety of voltages, usually between around 40 and 80 volts. The amount of voltage you need depends on the type of jobs the mower will be used for. Lower voltage mowers are usually powerful enough for smaller yards or yards with very few weeds. Higher voltage mowers may be necessary for larger yards or areas with a lot of leaves or plants other than turf grass.

Should I invest in a “mulching” mower? (yes!)

Mulching mowers cut grass and leaves in to smaller pieces than regular mowers, which allows the clippings to break down faster and nutrients to be absorbed more quickly. Leaving grass clippings on lawns is recommended to help add nutrients back into lawns, so an electric mower with mulching capabilities is good option to help get the benefits of grass clippings more efficiently. Either way, always remove the grass bag. And don’t forget to set the mower blades as high as possible, to cut grass above 3 inches.

Mulching mower

Other features.

Some mower features you consider may be based more on personal preference rather than your mowing job. Some electric mowers are self-propelled, which can make jobs easier or quicker. The mower’s weight and amount of height adjustment may also make a difference in how difficult the mower is to use. Some mowers fold up, making them easier to store, especially if you have limited storage space. There are also ride on electric mowers if you have a larger yard or if you mow lawns for a living.

Ultimately, it is important to both consider what features your mowing job will require and what features will make lawn mowing less of a chore.  There are many electric mower reviews online, which can help both with finding a good electric mower for your needs and to learn what features to consider based on the type of mowing job you have—check out a few recent reviews:

P.S. Don’t forget to safely dispose of your old mower! Drain all fuel and oil first and bring the old fluids or old batteries to a hazardous waste collection point and take the metal mower to scrap recycling. In Montgomery County, Maryland, we accept these at our transfer station in Derwood.


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  1. Brian Davis says:

    Thanks for this blog post. I have come to know a lot of new things about lawnmowers. Your website is really helpful for making the right decision before buying a lawn mower.
    Best Wishes.

  2. Tim Twomey says:

    With a quieter electric mower am I allowed to cut grass before 9 on weekends? With these really hot days starting earlier can help.

  3. I am thinking of buying a new lawn mower this December as the days are start getting hotter and its really hard to mow the lawn with my push mower. I will be buying the robot lawn mower as my neighbor. They are very small in size and work perfectly in small area.

  4. Thanks for sharing thsi informative blog post about lawn mower. i was thinking about having a new robot lawn mower for my yard. I think this blog really helps me clear some of my doubts about vacuum cleaner. Thanks again Daniel.

  5. Thanks Daniel! Perfect Article. I had moved out for the professional reasons and after 5 years I have returned back home with a very messy garden. So I decided to get a lawnmower. Before buying though of researching and this website really helped me! Thank You again!

  6. says:

    Absolutely consider a switch to an electric lawn mower when it’s time to get a new one. I’d say go brushless, too.

    Good tips, thanks!

  7. Last week, my brother moved to another house with the largest backyard I’ve ever seen before. I believe he’ll need to invest in lawn care equipment now if he wants to keep it looking green and healthy. Your post’s tips will help my brother find a lawn mower that has the right amount of voltage for his needs.

  8. It’s amazing how a lawn mower makes it easier to tend your grass and make it look better. My friend is planning to invest in remodeling his backyard. I will talk to him about finding a tractor supplier that sells different equipment in the future.

  9. Luke Demant says:

    Your article is very helpful for me . I wasn’t sure if I should buy a new lawn mower or not. But after reading your article it helped me a lot to decide. So, Thanks a lot.

  10. Lex says:

    Great article! Electric lawn care equipment is becoming more prevalent as certain regions of the U.S. are starting to outlaw the use of gas-powered machinery. While electric equipment used to be relegated to homeowners with small lawns, the technology is developing to make electric equipment viable for professional use, as we talk about in our blog. Thanks for your insight!

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