$50-$200 Electric Leaf Blower Rebates Available–Deadline extended!

April 1, 2022

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We have electric leaf blower rebates!

We especially encourage minority, female, or disabled-owned landscaping businesses in Montgomery County to apply.

Get $50-100 per electric leaf blower you buy (up to 2) if you APPLY HERE and agree to exchange a gas leaf blower for each rebate.

  • Must be located in Montgomery County, MD.
  • Must return a gas leaf blower for each rebate. Gas-powered blowers must be dropped off when purchasing the new blowers.
  • Rebates are $100 each per EGO-brand Power+ LB6003 Battery Backpack Leaf Blower Kit or $50 per EGO LB6504 handheld model
  • Two rebates maximum

Apply here for $50-100 Rebates on Electric Leaf Blowers!

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¡Témenos reembolsos para la compra de sopladoras de hojas eléctricas!

Convocatoria especial para las solicitudes de jardineros profesionales miembros de una minoría, mujeres o discapacitados en el condado de Montgomery.

Usted puede recibir un reembolso de $50-100 por sopladora de hojas eléctricas que usted compre (limite dos) si usted APLICA AQUÍ y acepta cambiar una sopladora de hojas de gas por cada reembolso.

  • Debe estar ubicado en el condado de Montgomery.
  • Se necesita cambiar una sopladora de hojas de gas por cada reembolso (una sopladora por reembolso). Las sopladoras de hojas de gas deben ser entregadas el día que recogen el reembolso o al comprar la nueva sopladora.
  • Reembolsos de $100 por sopladora de hojas eléctricas marca EGO-brand Power+ LB6003 Battery Backpack Leaf Blower Kit (mochila y bateria) o $50 por EGO LB6504 modelo de mano
  • Máximo de dos reembolsos

Aplique Aquí para el reembolso de $50-100 por sopladora de hojas eléctricas

7 comments on "$50-$200 Electric Leaf Blower Rebates Available–Deadline extended!"

  1. Rich Toohey says:

    My understanding is that Montgomery County is offering rebates to incent county residents to buy electric mowers when they also exchange their old gas mower. How do I do that?

    1. Mary Travaglini says:

      Rich–the rebates we have from a grant are only for leaf blowers, we do not have anything for mowers.

      1. Kathy says:

        My neighbor was struggling to start his gas mover and I mentioned the rebates. He was very interested to learn more. Too bad it’s not for lawn mowers. I assume they’re quite bad too.

  2. Sachchida Gupta says:

    Today is April 5, 2022, why are you sending these emails. The flyer says rebates were to be picked up by March 31, 2022. Are the sale prices and rebates are still good? What if we have no gas powered equipment and want to purchase a electric back pack blower, are we still eligible for rebates?. Also how Montgomery County is ensuring that the old gas blowers given in exchange for electric model will be destroyed other wise they will come back to market or shipped out of country. If this happens there will be no environmental benefits. Also are these rebates are only good if you buy the model at ACE Hardware or buy at Amazon or other store with better pricing?

    Let me know ASAP. Thanks

    1. Bruce Cohen says:

      I share your concerns, Sachchida. If the offer is still in effect, I would participate only if the gas blower were destroyed in my presence.

      1. Mary Travaglini says:

        Bruce, I am personally picking these up and bringing them directly to the transfer station to put in the scrap metal recycling. I am doing this so rebate holders do not have to make an additional trip and then document for me that they were dropped off.

  3. Angelo Serkedakis says:

    I purchase commercial greenworks backpack blower back in akin March am I am I eligible for this rebate if I turn in Toto gas power backpack blower. You shouldn’t let customers only have The Choice of ego I purchased ego a year ago. There’s better products out there like greenworks that commercial customers will be purchasing like myself.

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