Meet an EV Owner Series: Ed Walters

July 20, 2022
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As part of the Montgomery County EV Purchasing Cooperative Pilot Program, we’ll be featuring Montgomery County residents who have electrified their personal transportation in this series.

Meet Ed Walters

Ed Walters lives in Bethesda, with his wife Wanda, who is also an electric vehicle driver. Together, they drive a 2018 Model 3 Tesla and a 2020 Hyundai Kona. Thank you for taking the time to chat with us!

EVPC: Where did you get your EV and what was your vehicle beforehand?

Ed: I bought my Tesla directly through the Tesla dealers.  Prior to the Tesla I drove a BMW 500 series.

EVPC: Why did you choose to switch to an EV?

Ed:  I became aware of how much better an electric car performed.

EVPC: What made you decide to choose this specific EV?

Ed:  Elon Musk does a great job of promotion.  The Model 3 was perfect for my needs.  In late 2021, my wife’s Nissan needed replacement. Rather than purchase a compact that uses gas, I decided to surprise her with a new Kona EV.

EVPC: What has been your driving experience so far with your EV?

Ed: The car is better than I expected:  no maintenance costs, smooth ride, handles great , very quick acceleration and response.

EVPC: Has maintenance been difficult for your EV?

Ed: I’ve had the Tesla almost four years with only one dealer service at the cost of $198.

EVPC: What does your typical driving routine look like? (Like how long your commute is and how has an EV fit into your daily commute?)

Ed: Normally I drive between 25-40 miles a day.  When I drive out of town on a long trip I have to plan where I can stop to charge.  The government needs to provide more charging stations.

EVPC: What is your typical charging routine, how expensive is charging your EV and who is your electric utility?

Ed: As semi-retiree, my daily routines vary from driving locally to driving to various DMV locations. The EV fits well with my commuting needs.

EVPC: What do your friends, family and neighbors think of your EV?

Ed: My friends seem impressed with my EV but I am surprised they are reluctant to switch to electric.

EVPC: Are there any public charging stations that you frequent?

Ed: There are charging stations near my house but since I have a home charger, I don’t need them.

EVPC: What would you say to anyone interested in purchasing an EV?

Ed: With the high price of gasoline, I don’t understand why people are not lined up to purchase electric cars. I don’t want to sound smug, but it feels great to be totally free of gasoline prices that rise at the slightest sign of a problem. Electric cars perform better than their gas counterparts and are much cheaper to run. The rest of the world is going electric, but the U.S. remains in love with its gas guzzling behemoths.


Learn about the Montgomery County EV Purchasing Cooperative Pilot Program. If you need to drive, make it electric!


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