Meet an EV Owner Series: Lauren Morra

August 15, 2022

As part of the Montgomery County EV Purchasing Cooperative Pilot Program, we’ll be featuring Montgomery County residents who have electrified their personal transportation in this series.

Meet Lauren Morra

Lauren lives in Poolesville and now drives a VW id4. Thanks to Lauren for chatting with our program!

EVPC: Where did you get your EV and what was your vehicle beforehand?

Lauren: We got the car at Kings VW Gaithersburg and traded in our Subaru Forester.

EVPC: Why did you choose to switch to an EV?

Lauren: We had always wanted an EV and with cars being so difficult to find last year we felt like this was the right time to go electric.

EVPC: What made you decide to choose this specific EV?

Lauren: We have two small children and wanted a family car with AWD.

EVPC: What has been your driving experience so far with your EV?

Lauren: Overwhelmingly positive! We absolutely love the car, the ride is smooth, the kids have more space in the back, and we are delighted to lower our carbon footprint. Our kids now only want to take the EV and love pointing out all the other EVs on the road.

EVPC: Has maintenance been difficult for your EV?

Lauren: So far we haven’t required any maintenance.

EVPC: What does your typical driving routine look like? (Like how long your commute is and how has an EV fit into your daily commute?)

Lauren: I drive my kids to two separate schools and pick up, a total of about 30 minutes of driving one way or 16 miles one way. Luckily my husband and I both work from home so we are able to share the car. My husband goes into the office once a month which is 30 minutes away.

EVPC: What is your typical charging routine, how expensive is charging your EV and who is your electric utility?

Lauren: We charge the car every few days at a cost of $40 a month. Our electric utility is Potomac Edison.

EVPC: What do your friends, family and neighbors think of your EV?

Lauren: Some of our friends also have EVs so it’s fun to compare them. Our families had lots of questions about the car and one of our neighbors is looking into ordering one for herself!

EVPC: Are there any public charging stations that you frequent?

Lauren: There are free public chargers in our town that we used prior to getting our home charger.

EVPC: What would you say to anyone interested in purchasing an EV?

Lauren: Go for it! The car requires little to no maintenance and I am so happy to not be idling in a gas car anymore at school pick up. This really is our dream car.

Learn about the Montgomery County EV Purchasing Cooperative Pilot Program. If you need to drive, make it electric!


2 comments on "Meet an EV Owner Series: Lauren Morra"

  1. J. Breiner says:

    Love it!! Yay! We hope to see you at the Poolesville Day National Drive Electric event on Sept 17, 2022.
    There will be tons of EVs to see including the new Rivian and Ford F-150 Lightning Trucks, a MCPS EV School Bus to check out, a Mont. Co. Ride-on Bus to catch a FREE air conditioned ride around the Poolesville Day street fair. Big Tent Seminars: EV101, EV Charging, EV Divas! Fun for the whole family at the Poolesville Day street festival! Poolesville.Green/NDEW and

  2. Carl Jackson says:

    Awesome! Glad to see that you don’t have any problems with maintenance and finding charging stations. That’s a good sign that people are really shifting to EV.

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