Meet an Electric Vehicle Owner: Marc Weinshenker

February 11, 2022

As part of the Montgomery County Electric Vehicle Purchasing Co-op Pilot Program, we feature Montgomery County residents who own electrical vehicles.

Man standing next to silver grey electric vehicle

Photo Courtesy: Marc Weinshenker

Meet Marc Weinshenker

Marc lives in Rockville and currently drives a Kia EV6, which he received in February 2022. It is his first electric vehicle after almost 20 years driving a Honda Accord. Thanks to Marc for chatting with our program!

EVPC: Why did you switch to an EV?

Marc: I am environmentally conscious, so I like driving without emissions. And aside from being easier to maintain than a gas-powered vehicle, EVs provide a unique driving experience that appeals to me.

EVPC: How did you make the decision on this particular EV?

Marc: Before I test-drove the EV model that I now own, I had never driven an EV before. I tend to by practical vehicles and keep them for a long time — so I spent a lot of time online reading EV articles and discussions, and watching YouTube videos of EVs to find the right fit. The test drive affirmed all the things I expected.

EVPC: Were your family and friends supportive?

Marc: I’m the first EV driver in my family, and everybody, from friends to family, just think it’s really cool, they’ve all been very positive. But the biggest support system is probably the community of EV drivers, both in my area and online. There are many groups and forums about EVs, generally, and also my model, specifically. It’s very fun to interact with these people and share experiences. The community provides another dimension to owning and driving an EV.

EVPC: What has been your driving experience so far?

Marc: I’m having a lot of fun! It’s completely different from my old car – my EV is packed with nifty electronics and features which provide an unprecedented level of control; I feel like I can interact more with the car during the driving experience. My favorite feature so far is the blind spot camera view, which comes on automatically if I engage the turn signal. It’s been very fun to discover the new capabilities of my Kia.

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EVPC: What does your typical driving and charging routine like?

Marc: I currently use the outlet in my garage for Level 1 charging, while I wait for my wall-mounted Level 2 charger to be delivered. Since I am retired, I don’t drive more than 30 miles each day – while slow, Level 1 overnight charging is sufficient for my needs since I got my EV. The increase in my electricity bill has been negligible. I’m excited to take my EV on some longer road trips once my Level 2 charger is set up!

EVPC: What would you say to anyone interested in purchasing an EV?

Marc: I would absolutely recommend driving and EV, it’s a much more fun and pleasurable driving experience. But it’s a real paradigm shift, so spend some time talking to EV drivers. Ask questions. Join some of the discussion forums and Facebook groups, and start learning about how these vehicles operate and picturing yourself under those conditions.

Learn about the Montgomery County Electric Vehicle Purchasing Co-Op Pilot Program. If you need to drive, make it electric!

2 comments on "Meet an Electric Vehicle Owner: Marc Weinshenker"

  1. Joyce says:

    Great interview! Thank you Marc for your perspective.
    For those who want to meet EV owners here are some upcoming opportunities:
    March 19, 2022 Mont. Co. Go Electric! event at Montgomery College Rockville Campus 10am-4pm. There will be a static display of privately owned EVs and lots of EV owners to talk to.
    April 23, 2022 Mont. Co. GreenFest at Brookside Gardens 11am-5pm. There will be a static display of privately owned EVs and lots of EV owners to talk to.
    Monthly online opportunities: “Ask An EV Owner” zoom 1st Wednesdays; EVADC monthly meeting of area EV owners 3rd Wednesdays. Schedule for both of these can be found at EVADC = Electric Vehicle Assoc of Greater Washington DC

    1. Cat Lee says:

      Thanks for the resources!

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