New Public Space Recycling Stations Arrive in Wheaton!

February 2, 2022

New public space recycling stations in the Wheaton Urban District near the pathway leading to the Wheaton Metro station.

If you have visited Montgomery County’s Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) office or downtown Wheaton lately, you likely have seen the latest additions to the neighborhood—new blue recycling stations! These stainless-steel Victor Stanley® dual-stream recycling stations are the result of a cooperative effort between the Waste Reduction and Recycling Section (WRRS) of DEP’s Recycling and Resource Management Division and the Wheaton Urban District.

Realizing that more convenient recycling options for visitors and pedestrians were needed within the Wheaton Urban District, WRRS staff first walked and mapped the locations of every existing trash and recycling container within the Wheaton Urban District—a 202-acre area encompassing downtown Wheaton, including the Westfield Wheaton mall. Based upon the results of this mapping effort, WRRS identified the need for 57 additional recycling stations to be placed next to or near existing trash containers. WRRS purchased these recycling stations, and the Wheaton Urban District staff, working with their partners in the Montgomery County Department of Transportation, placed the containers at the identified locations.

Mapping of placement of recycling and trash containers in the Wheaton Urban District developed by DEP’s Recycling and Resource Management Division’s Waste Reduction and Recycling Section.

These recycling stations have two separate compartments – one side for mixed paper items, such as newspapers, receipts, and paper beverage cups, while the other side is for commingled bottles, cans, jars, and containers.  These recycling stations have lids with labels to remind residents and visitors what can be placed inside the recycling containers for recycling and are designed to reduce contamination.  Now residents and pedestrians have easy access to both recycling and trash receptacles in the Wheaton Urban District.

Lids on the public space recycling stations throughout the Wheaton Urban District remind residents and visitors what can be placed inside the recycling stations and help to reduce contamination.

The Wheaton Urban District staff will service and maintain these recycling stations and will deliver the collected recyclable materials to the County’s Materials Recovery Facility (the Recycling Center) in Derwood.  A big Thank You to our Partners in this recycling effort, Wheaton Urban District!

Providing residents and visitors with opportunities to recycle on the go is another way that Montgomery County is implementing initiatives to recycle more aiming for zero waste.

Thank you for recycling right, recycling more, and recycling on the go!

New public space recycling station in the Wheaton Urban District outside of DEP’s office at the Park and Planning Office Building on Reedie Drive.

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3 comments on "New Public Space Recycling Stations Arrive in Wheaton!"

  1. Anne Ambler says:

    Bravo! But the label on the mixed recycling bin says just bottles and cans, whereas the lead-in piece mentioned other containers as well. IS it just bottles and cans that are actually desired? This is a question at recycling bins in the parks as well. What about #1 clam shells, yogurt containers, that sort of thing?

    1. Carolyn Knight says:

      I think the goal should be to remove as many aluminum cans as well as plastic & glass bottles from the waste stream as possible. A massive numbers of beverage containers just go into public trash cans. The public containers like these should not be expected to replace home and office recycling. Someone who eats yogurt for lunch would ideally take that yogurt container elsewhere to rinse out and then recycle. Sort of like pack-in-pack-out when hiking. 😉

  2. Anne says:

    So…it IS just bottles and cans for these recycling bins. This needs to be drilled in, because people generally think they can put the same selection of stuff in these that they put in their mixed recycling bin at home.

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