Senior Planet in Montgomery Celebrates 6 Years of Programming!

July 20, 2022
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On June 17, 2022, Senior Planet in Montgomery County gathered at the Silver Spring Civic Building to reflect on its growth and celebrate with its dedicated community of seniors. As part of the event, participants shared their experiences with Senior Planet’s programs. County Executive Mark Ehrlich, DTS Director Mitsuko Herrera, and Senior Planet in Montgomery’s Regional Director, Shivali Haribhakti, all spoke on the successes of Senior Planet’s Program.  
Montgomery Energy Connection was also present performing a lightbulb exchange and sharing tips to save money and energy in the county.  

Senior Planets Impact  

Senior Planet in Montgomery provides high quality programming to Seniors in the county and has offered classes on different technologic subjects. Whether it is a Zoom class or an iPad class, Senior Planet has MoCo covered!  

Since partnering with Montgomery Energy Connection in 2020, Senior Planet in Montgomery has had the privilege of serving over 1,600 participants virtually and in-person in over 100 programs.  

Classes that have been taught have been selected to answer our Seniors’ most pressing questions regarding energy. “What kind of bulbs should I be using?” “How do I save money on my utility bill?” “What is the deal with electric vehicles?” All this and more have been answered in Senior Planet’s lectures. For a list of topics, you can click on the various links below and…. 

Announcing our Energy Program Landing Page 

You can click on our landing page. This page is the house of all energy programs at Senior Planet in Montgomery. Each quarter this page will be updated with all upcoming energy programs. Do you not know what you might be interested in? Click on any link on this page to see details on how to join and a description of the upcoming class. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming class!  

 All current programming is taught digitally via Zoom. To find Zoom links and more details, please visit the Senior Planet Website: 

Upcoming Programs 

To view the most up to date list, check out the Senior Planet Montgomery website:  

Special Initiatives 

Senior Planet is partnering with Montgomery County to get the word out about the Electronic Broadband Benefit, a federal subsidy of up to $50 a month for qualifying individuals to cover the monthly cost of home broadband internet. To learn more information visit: For assistance applying visit:  


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