10,000 Trees Planted! Celebrating 8 years of TreeMontgomery

Craft sign hanging from tree that says, "We have Planted 10,000 Trees!" Tree Montgomery, established 2015
March 31, 2023
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Tree Montgomery 🌳 has planted more than 10,000 shade trees!

Montgomery County DEP staff celebrated a tremendously successful 8 years of the Tree Montgomery program with their tree planting contractor D. A. Dunlevy by planting the 10,000th tree together in the first week of March.
Planting team in front of a house, around a recently planted tree with leaves.
The hard working team has reviewed, mapped, and dug 10,000 holes to plant trees on over 2,300 different properties, literally making #MontgomeryCountyMD greener✅. Let’s give them some kudos for their hard work and dedication. 👏
Craft sign hanging from tree that says, "We have Planted 10,000 Trees!" Tree Montgomery, established 2015
Our first planting of 47 trees was in April of 2015 at the Round Tree Apartments in Chevy Chase, to improve shade after the purple line construction started in their back yard. Our 10,000th tree was planted in Montgomery Village, where hundreds of trees have been added to shade paths, buildings, and beautify community spaces.

In the years since, we have been growing–and we planted over 3,700 trees this year!

Large crew gathered around a recently planted tree in March 2023
When we say “just this year”, did you know that the best time to plant trees in our local environment is between November and March? Dormant trees are less likely to have wind or bruise damage to leaves 🍂 and flower buds🌸 in the winter, don’t experience heat stress, and are more likely to survive and thrive.

Shade trees are so important for wildlife🦊and pollinators 🦋.

Trees soak up and cool storm water runoff, and cool playgrounds🤸‍♂️, parking lots, sidewalks, and school yards. And they help us save energy in homes, offices, and schools🏡. There’s always a good reason for shade trees!

Our most popular types of trees are oaks and maples, but we have many other species to choose from.

Here’s to the next 10,000 shade trees!

🌳—will one of them be at your home, school, community center, or congregation? Submit an application today–our trees are planted at no cost to you! TreeMontgomery.org

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  1. Alemayehu says:

    Congratulations for your effectiveness in enhancing sustainability!! Thank you for your efforts in keeping the community informed and raising awareness about environmental conservation!!

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