4th Grade STEM Class Creates Energy Savers Plan

April 13, 2023

After studying energy, creating energy-related inventions, conducting audits and analyses, and more 4th-grade STEM students at Washington Episcopal School developed an energy conservation project for their community named the Energy Savers Plan.

Montgomery County’s Department of Environmental Protection supported the students learning through educational resources and materials. The students educated and inspired their school community to turn off lights, unplug devices, and practice other sustainable energy practices. They also provided sign reminders to classrooms and socket adapters with easy one-click power shut-off switches to reduce energy waste.

We are proud of these young change-makers in our community.

Here is the letter the students sent out to all of the families at Washington Episcopal School

We have ESP that our Energy Savers Plan will make a difference!

This is the 4th Grade STEM Classes writing you about our Energy Savers Plan, how you can help, and get FREE STUFF!

We have been studying energy, fossil fuels, renewable energies, electromagnets, turbines, and the result of greenhouse gases being released into our atmosphere, causing global warming. We discovered that most electricity production comes from burning fossil fuels, which are not renewable energy sources and release greenhouse gases. We even made energy-saving inventions on display on the second floor. Montgomery County’s Department of Environmental Protection gave us an estimate that, on average, per person in Maryland, we each have a carbon footprint of about 57 pounds per day, with some data showing that number may be closer to 80 pounds a day!!!!!!!!! Yikes! What is a Carbon Footprint?

4th Grade wanted to help, so we developed the Energy Savers Plan

We want to educate you on how to reduce your carbon footprint EASILY.

Here are two simple ways you can help in your classrooms AND at home:

  • Turn off lights when leaving
  • Unplug Devices when not in use (Learn more about phantom power.)

*Also consider:

Use less water (take shorter showers, change shower and faucet heads to water-reducing showerheads and faucets, and turn off the faucet when you’re not actively using the water. Clean water takes energy to produce and pump to your home or school. Hot water takes energy to heat.)

There are many more ways to reduce your carbon footprint and help reduce greenhouse gases to slow global warming. Also, think about picking a student weekly or monthly to be your sustainability advisor, and that student can be in charge of the energy-saving practices.

We will be bringing around small energy-saving reminder signs for your classroom to help you and your students remember to adopt these simple behaviors. We got money from an energy company to do our project, and with the funds, we purchased power strips that, with a simple click of a button, you can turn off energy flow so plugged-in devices do not draw phantom power. The power strips are great for iPad and Chromebook charging stations or computer and smartboard set-ups in the classroom. Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection provided us with single-socket switch-off equipment. These single-socket adapters can turn off energy flow with a flick of the switch, so you don’t have to unplug devices. Would you like a free energy saver, one-click-off power strip, or socket adapter for your classroom or home? The energy-saving materials are available for faculty, staff, and students. Get your energy-saving equipment today and help prevent energy waste!

In summary:

  • Look for: turn off your lights and unplug your device signs
  • Pick a student to be your classroom sustainability auditor
  • Request an energy-saving power strip or single socket device
  • Come get a home energy audit kit

Together we can slow global warming by reducing energy waste with the Energy Savers Plan!

Thank you. Please talk to any 4th grader with questions.


The 4th Grade STEM, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship Class


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  1. Nancy M says:

    This is awesome! Thank you for sharing it!

  2. Sharon says:

    Great job 4th grade WES dragons!

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