Civic engagement opportunity: join the County’s Water Quality Advisory Group!

March 8, 2023

Montgomery County is seeking applicants for the Water Quality Advisory Group.

The Montgomery County Water Quality Advisory Group (WQAG) provides recommendations to the County Executive and the County Council on water quality management goals and policies, program priorities, and funding.

WQAG’s mission is to recommend programs, policies and priorities that protect, maintain, and restore the biological, chemical and physical integrity of county streams, rivers, wetlands, groundwater, lakes, and other water resources. Recommendations from WQAG are considered in shaping the County’s programmatic direction of water resource management. This group often provides input by transmitting letters and an annual report. It includes 15 resident members and 3 non-voting agency members.

Water Quality Advisory Group members learning about the green wall at the Department of Environmental Protection’s headquarters office.

The group meets monthly, typically second Monday of each month, with occasional adjustments for holidays.

To learn more about the history and membership of the WQAG, check out this page on the Department of Environmental Protection’s website.

You can apply for the WQAG online:

Please carefully read application instructions. Please note, applications are due by March 31, 2023.

2 comments on "Civic engagement opportunity: join the County’s Water Quality Advisory Group!"

  1. JP ~ Wading in Waste says:

    Minnehaha ≠ “laughing water”

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Is there some reason why Minnehaha branch (Glen Echo Tributary) region
    has no water management plan, advisory committee, or monitoring stations? I’ve been picking up the trash thrown from the 16,000 cars/wk on Goldsboro into this creek for a decade now, and the erosion, pollution, flash-flooding, filth, and predictably sparse ecosystem has gone from bad to unhealthy, to just embarrassingly disgusting. Seems like every watershed BUT this one is monitored. If this a deliberate omission, what are the reasons?


    JP ~ Wading in Waste

  2. Todd Watkins says:

    These types of things are IMPORTANT and should be taken seriously – Todd

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