Do’s and Don’t’s for Outdoor Fires in Montgomery County

Photo by Gavin Von Wagoner on Unsplash April 13, 2023
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Photo by Gavin Von Wagoner on Unsplash

Having a fire in your backyard or patio?–stay safe, protect your neighbors, and protect the environment!

*Be weather aware! Outdoor fires should never be lit during red flag warnings, or windy days, or near dry brush that could catch fire from a spark.

Essentials of an outdoor fire pit:

    • Less than 3 feet wide
    • Metal fire pit or chimera set on stone or sand base
    • Stone pit with sand base

What’s safe to burn:

    • Dry wood only–wet wood or fresh cut wood causes dense smoke
    • No yard waste, construction debris, lumber, paper, trash, or man-made materials

Stop it from spreading:

    • Stay away from mulch, grass, buildings, or other materials nearby that could catch fire
    • Keep away from low hanging tree branches and buildings
    • Keep a hose or bucket of water or sand nearby
    • Never leave unattended or without an adult
    • Extinguish after enjoying

Report issues with fires:

    • Call 911 for emergencies
    • Call 311 to report illegal burning of yard debris, trash or issues with smoke

Get the full do’s and don’t’s about open burning, including about agricultural burn permits in Montgomery County.

Got yard waste? First consider composting at home, and if you cannot compost, use Montgomery County’s no-cost yard trim pickup or drop off programs. 


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