FeBREWary 2023: Electrify Everything

Photo by Los Muertos Crew January 1, 2023

Another FeBREWary is upon us and we plan to keep the momentum going to help all Montgomery County residents Electrify Everything. This year, we will be doing things just a little differently for FeBREWary. This year, we want you to celebrate, electrify, and help you  keep money in your pockets. These events will not only be informative but fun so join us for one or all!

Beers. Burgers. Bulbs.


Let’s celebrate – according to the Brewers Association of Maryland, FeBREWary is the official month-long celebration of Maryland craft beer. Maryland is a bubbling craft beer destination. The state is home to farm breweries, brewpubs, and manufacturing breweries. Whether you are a Maryland resident or a tourist planning a craft beer getaway, FeBREWary is the perfect time to visit and explore Maryland’s breweries.

We will be visiting breweries around the County to promote this fun month-long celebration and also to provide you with opportunities to swap out your old incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs for energy efficient LEDs.


Let’s electrify – one of the ways you can reduce your home’s carbon footprint and help the County meet its climate goals is to switch to induction cooking in your kitchen. Compared to a traditional natural gas stove, induction cooking appliances are better for the environment, use less energy, are fast and efficient, and a safer alternative.

While you are visiting these breweries, local chef, Hunter Karamentos from Steeze Burger will be making his famous burgers using an induction cooktop. Make sure you come during the times listed above to learn more about induction cooking and to taste one of these delicious burgers!


Let’s keep money in our pockets – We want to make sure that you have an opportunity swap out your old incandescent bulbs because they essentially burn money when you use them and compact fluorescent bulbs are considered a hazardous waste because they contain mercury. Please DO NOT throw them in the trash.

Nationwide, over 670 million mercury-containing bulbs are discarded improperly each year. In Montgomery County most of these bulbs are ultimately land filled or incinerated. These disposal methods can lead to a release of mercury into the environment through breakage and leakage and ultimately contaminate the food chain. Find out how to RECYCLE RIGHT by clicking here.

The light bulb exchange offers an opportunity for residents to lower their utility costs by switching to more energy efficient LED (light emitting diodes bulbs). Replacing just five of the most frequently used light fixtures with energy efficient bulbs can save more than $65 a year in energy costs.

Please note, this is not a one for one swap. we provide residents with up to 3 LEDs per person.
The light bulbs will be 60 W equivalent, warm light A9 bulbs



2 comments on "FeBREWary 2023: Electrify Everything"

  1. Scott Halpine says:

    What about replacing gas fireplaces? I have a gas fireplace which I’m assuming is as bad as having a gas stove and therefore should be replaced. Do you help cover the cost of replacing bottled gas fireplaces?

    1. Larissa Johnson says:

      That is a great observation Scott! As of right now there are no programs to switch from gas fireplaces but as always, check out Rewiring America’s article to find out more: https://www.rewiringamerica.org/electrify-home-guide

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