Made in the Shade: Trees Help Beat the Summer Heat

Looking up at the canopy of two honeylocust trees.
August 25, 2023
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A large water oak tree casting lots of shade on the ground.

A large water oak tree casts a wide shadow (Germantown, MD). 


Did you know that in the shade of a tree 

  • The air beneath that tree can be 25°F cooler than the air above a nearby parking lot 
  • Surfaces, like your car dashboard or a swing set, can be as much as 40°F cooler than if they were in the sun 
  • Houses are cooler and air conditioners are more efficient, and this decreases your cooling energy bills 


So, next time you’re looking to escape the summer heat, find some shade and thank a tree!  

For more information on the benefits of shade trees visit 

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