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Are you smarter than our Environmental Leaders?

Blog, courtesy of Bethesda Green.     Bethesda Green’s Environmental Leaders Program is an experiential school-year long sustainability program for high school seniors in Montgomery County. The

Which way to spray for ticks and mosquitoes?

The environment is so in fashion. But a healthy runway doesn't include bug bites or Lyme disease, so when many of us look to keep

Protect Pollinators from Pesticides

What is Pollination? Pollination is a reproductive process in where pollen is transferred from the male part of plant to the female part. This is

Earth Month 2021

Celebrate Earth Month 2021     This year, we are teaming up with our community partners to bring you free online and in-person education and

Fern Fronds Unfurl for Spring

As spring continues its procession, native ferns awaken to the sun and warming earth by unfurling their leaves, called fronds, that emerge from the base

Lawn "Weeds" a Problem?

Copyright Timmerman Prints Lawn "Weeds" a Problem? You're looking at your lawn, and thinking there's a few too many weeds in there. Before grabbing that

Black Voices in Landscaping--an interview with a landscaping business owner.

DEP recently had the pleasure of interviewing Al M Britt, II, founder and president of Britt Landscaping, a black owned, local small business in Montgomery

Interested in replacing your lawn with a meadow?

Interested in replacing your lawn with a meadow? Our friends at the University of Maryland have advice on establishing a meadow and increasing the habitat

Backyard birds

Birds are frequent, welcome visitors to backyards year-round. Birds can eat common pests like mosquitoes, mosquito larvae, and grubs. Many songbirds are both visually pretty

In Defense of Gardens

By Sarah Kallgren, Climate Intern   School gardens provide an avenue for experiential learning School gardens have been taking off across the United States for
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