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Lawn "Weeds" a Problem?

Copyright Timmerman Prints Lawn "Weeds" a Problem? You're looking at your lawn, and thinking there's a few too many weeds in there. Before grabbing that

Should you adjust soil pH?

Should you worry about your lawn's soil pH? For years many people have been told raise the pH of their lawn by "sweetening the soil"

Raised Bed Gardens for Flowers and Vegetables

Are you exploring the idea of getting rid of your lawn, and growing perennials or vegetables? Imagine this: you can be dressed for work or

DEP Travel Diaries: Winter Lawns in Ireland

In January, DEP's Sustainable Landscapes Manager traveled to Ireland, and it got us thinking about lawns. Courtyards in 900 year old monastic ruins and fields

It's good to be evergreen: Tree tips for winter

Many of us worry about our trees in winter - between the cold air, wind and snow, our trees must be in trouble, right? Not

Course in organic land care coming in January to Maryland

Calling all landscapers, lawn care pros, garden caretakers, park and land trust managers, landscape architects, educators, gardeners, and anyone else who is interested in learning

Unclog the Bay: Keep your neighborhood storm drains clean!

Have you noticed a storm drain in front of your home or business, school, or house of worship? Take these SIMPLE ACTIONS to make a

This holiday season, gift outside the box!

The act of giving is one of the best traditions of the holiday season. It builds bonds and shows your loved ones how you care

Raining Rebates! RainScapes has dramatically increased its rebate amounts

The RainScapes program is now awarding increased Rewards Rebates for residential, commercial and institutional property owners who implement efforts to help control stormwater runoff. For

How to dormant seed your lawn

Missed the pre-frost window to establish new grass from seed? You still can prep your lawn for spring once the soil cools down. Overseeding your
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