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Using iron-based herbicides for alternative weed control.

About the author: Eric Maurer is the National Accounts Manager for Neudorff USA A webinar presented by Eric about this topic can be viewed here.

Understanding Montgomery County Soil

Guest Blog by Cynthia Stern: Earth lovers know how pleasing it is to go green and natural by digging to prep for planting grass, trees,

Encouraging Clover in Your Lawn

Benefits of Clover Despite being thought of as a weed, clover is very beneficial to lawns, and eliminates the need for synthetic fertilizers. Clover converts

Can taking your shoes off reduce pesticide exposure?

Do you take your shoes off? Reduce pesticide exposure with a door mat. Lush, green lawns are often a place for children to play. Lawns

#GiftGreener: Gift RainScapes

It’s that gifting time of year!  Wonder what to get for your loved ones? Does anyone on your gift list enjoy gardening? Lucky for you,

Pollinator Friendly Habitat Retrofit at Poolesville Solar Array

The town of Poolesville in just released pictures of the pollinator habitat retrofitted at the town's 1.1MW solar array on approximately 6.6 acres. This is co-located

Should you adjust soil pH?

Should you worry about your lawn's soil pH? For years many people have been told raise the pH of their lawn by "sweetening the soil"

Raised Bed Gardens for Flowers and Vegetables

Are you exploring the idea of getting rid of your lawn, and growing perennials or vegetables? Imagine this: you can be dressed for work or

DEP Travel Diaries: Winter Lawns in Ireland

In January, DEP's Sustainable Landscapes Manager traveled to Ireland, and it got us thinking about lawns. Courtyards in 900 year old monastic ruins and fields

Love your ash trees? Take steps to protect them from the Emerald Ash Borer

All ash trees in Montgomery County are at risk of long term damage or death caused by the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). This beetle was brought
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