Lawn & Garden Stories

RainScapes Professionals: Finding one (or becoming one) in Montgomery County

Designing and building a rain garden or conservation landscaping requires extra expertise than your average garden. It's possible to do on your own, especially if you

Monarch butterflies gain an ally as Bell Nursery brings milkweed to County residents

The monarch butterfly, with its striped orange-and-black wings, is an iconic symbol of nature. Monarchs are the most recognized, and beloved, butterfly because of their

Permeable pavers curb pollution (and look great too!)

Water run-off can take several forms. In more rural areas, rain and snow land on farms and carry fertilizer and other pollutants with them to local

Want to fight the bite? Mosquito prevention starts at home

Summer is here, and we all know what that means.....outdoor fun and, unfortunately, mosquitoes. Those pesky insects that spoil evening BBQs and parties. They cover

Love your landscape? Enter it into the County's Beautification Contest!

The deadline for the annual Keep Montgomery County Clean and Green Landscape Beautification Contest has been extended to June 17! The contest recognizes community groups, businesses, public institutions and

Montgomery County Gardeners Go Native to Combat Excess Moisture in the Shade

Moisture is much easier to put into a yard than take out. What to do when water causes soggy ground and muddy puddles in your

Sustainability in Montgomery County Annual Report

For the 2nd year, the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection's Office of Sustainability has released a report outlining sustainability efforts for the past year

Join DEP in celebrating Earth Month!

Each year, in honor of Earth Day, April 22, the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) hosts, and participates in, an array of activities

The importance of trees!

I recently attended a great talk about a tree planting program offered by the county where I live. However, before I share the details with

Low-maintenance gardens save water as well as work

If you want to minimize maintenance in your garden—and save water in the process—the fundamental tenet is simple: location, location, location. Any garden can be
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