Lawn & Garden Stories

Want to fight the bite? Mosquito prevention starts at home

Summer is here, and we all know what that means.....outdoor fun and, unfortunately, mosquitoes. Those pesky insects that spoil evening BBQs and parties. They cover

Low-maintenance gardens save water as well as work

If you want to minimize maintenance in your garden—and save water in the process—the fundamental tenet is simple: location, location, location. Any garden can be

Tips for keeping deer out of your rain garden

Any time of year is a potential problem time in Montgomery County, at least when you’re a gardener worried about deer. The risk also exists

A guide to tucking in your rain garden for winter

A few simple steps will keep your rain garden healthy when the weather gets cold - and reduce hassles when the weather gets warm.

Backyard Beekeeping: Easier (and safer) than you think

David MacDougall had a pretty good introduction to the world of beekeeping. “My first recollection of wanting to have bees,” MacDougall recalled, “was a Mr.
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