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Stormwater 101: Pond Dam Safety

The Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is responsible for the inspection of all stormwater maintenance facilities in the County to ensure they are properly maintained and repaired as necessary. This includes stormwater ponds/lakes and their associated dams.  Maintaining the ponds and dams in safe condition is the responsibility of every dam owner. Follow

Celebrating the restoration of Donnybrook Stream

Stream restoration is a set of techniques or methods the County uses to protect properties and public infrastructure by reducing stream bank erosion, minimizing the down-cutting of stream beds, and restoring aquatic ecosystems (natural stream systems). Restoration techniques typically use natural materials such as rocks, logs, and native plants to help slow down stormwater flow

Waste not? Not quite – Attempting a day without waste

The U.S. is known for producing blockbuster films, fast food and a really insane amount of trash. We make up less than 5% of the world’s population yet generate 15-20% of its waste. Bottom line? The average U.S. citizen produces 2,076 pounds of trash per year. Whether you blame it on our affinity for consumption,

Benchmarked: A case study from Montgomery College

Benchmarked, a new energy blog series, examines local businesses who have used EPA’s Portfolio Manager to track energy use. Company/Property Name: Montgomery College (MC): Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus (Est. 1950), Rockville Campus (Est. 1965), Germantown Campus (Est. 1978)     Name and Title: Crissie Manfre, Utility Analyst   How many buildings do you manage? The College manages 49 buildings totaling 2.5

The Green Business Program has expanded with new businesses and an updated website

Montgomery County is seeking to stimulate growth in the green economy with the announcement that it has broadened the standards for its Green Business Certification Program to include business sectors previously ineligible. They include restaurants, cleaning companies, hotels and home-based businesses.  The program has also updated its website to be more user friendly and responsive.