Water Stories

Booze Creek Gets a Face Lift

Nearly 1400 young trees find a new home along Booze Creek  As of April 2021, the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection has completed more

Fern Fronds Unfurl for Spring

As spring continues its procession, native ferns awaken to the sun and warming earth by unfurling their leaves, called fronds, that emerge from the base

2020 didn’t slow down the Watershed Restoration team  

Its that time of year that our office has come to love. Time to submit our annual report to the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE)

Winter starts the new garden year

Gardeners know: when the days start to lengthen, it’s time to get back to the garden. One of the typical garden activities of winter is

Signs of Spring: Fish!

American Shad caught from the Delaware River Signs of spring are beginning to appear but, what makes it springtime? Who you ask will determine the

How to Safely Apply Salt in the Winter

We are all familiar with the crunch of salt underfoot after a snowstorm in Montgomery County. But where does this salt go after the snow

#MontgomeryPlogs - Join the Challenge

What the PLOG is Plogging?  In celebration of Energy Action Month which takes place annually in October and Storm Water Awareness Week, October 18-24, 2020,

Road Salt is a Problem

Salt is useful because it is inexpensive and somewhat effective in breaking down ice and snow on our roads.  Following a storm, major roads need

Reducing Stormwater Runoff and the Use of Deicing Chemicals

Pervious Pavement: What is it?  Pervious pavement is a system for reducing stormwater runoff, ensuring less pollutants enter our waterways, as well as reducing the

Stormwater Ponds In Montgomery County

What are They and Why are They There? You may have wondered what all these ponds are throughout Montgomery County.  In most cases they are
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