Energy Exploration Events

October is National Energy Action Month and to celebrate the Department of Environmental Protection energy team is taking its show on the road to 5 libraries across the County!


Energy Exploration will consist of hands-on arcade games that are fun for the whole family.  Each arcade game highlights a different energy tip, including:

At each event, if you bring a copy of your utility bill, you’ll be entered to win a Sustainability Kit featuring LED light bulbs, seed packets and more!

Energy Exploration logo

October 2017 Schedule:

Setting up the Energy Exploration Arcade Games

Each table of Energy Exploration is a different arcade game

Twinbrook Library:


Long Branch Library:


Potomac Library:


Family doing Energy Exploration


These events are a collaboration between the Departments of Environmental Protection and Library Services in which residents of all ages can participate in hands-on life-sized activities to learn about saving energy and money in their homes.

Questions or comments about these events can be sent to We hope to see you there!

REQUEST A QHEC TODAY: All utilities serving Montgomery County offer Quick Home Energy Check-Ups (QHECs), at no additional cost to the resident. A QHEC is a fast, easy way to increase the energy efficiency of your home and help you start saving immediately. When you schedule a Check-up, an energy efficiency professionals will come to your home and check the condition of its insulation, heating and air cooling system, lighting, appliances and more to identify simple ways to help you save energy and money! Sign up and start saving today!

  • BGE: Schedule an appointment here or call 1-877-685-7377.
  • Pepco: Request an appointment here or call 1-866-353-5798.
  • Potomac Edison: Contact an expert in your area or call 1-888-267-4685.