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Argonne National Lab, Climate Risk & Resilience Analyst

The Center for Climate Resilience and Decision Science (CCRDS) conducts research and analysis to help decision-makers understand climate risks and take action to make communities, businesses, and infrastructure more resilient. CCRDS scientists and engineers partner with several US government departments and agencies, state governments, Fortune 500 companies, and international partners to conduct research related to climate-informed decision science, climate risk analyses, and climate adaption planning. The CCRDS resides within Argonne’s Decision and Infrastructure Sciences division and works closely with the Environmental Sciences Division and other collaborators at the Laboratory.

The CCRDS is seeking one or more Climate Risk & Resilience Analysts to join our team! As a multidisciplinary national laboratory, Argonne offers an exciting atmosphere in which to collaborate on interdisciplinary projects that focus on complex technical problems and integrated application of natural, social, and computer science practices.

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