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Associate – Electricity Focus at the Brattle Group

The Associate will work in a growth-oriented team environment to help our clients address the most important economic issues facing the electricity sector of the future, by: developing clean energy policy instruments; meeting electricity needs and environmental objectives efficiently and reliably through wholesale electricity market design, renewable energy procurements, transmission planning, enhanced utility resource planning, and integration of distributed energy resources and load flexibility; facilitating electrification of transportation and other sectors; developing innovative utility business models to enable distributed energy resources, load flexibility, electrification, and efficiency; modernizing retail rates, including performance-based rates; establishing risk management strategies against increased exposures to extreme stress; determining the costs to provide electric service and appropriate rates of return for regulated assets; and providing expert analysis and testimony in regulatory proceedings and disputes.

Client assignments involve a combination of quantitative analysis and modeling of industry data, application of finance and economic theory, industry thought-leadership, and communicating findings clearly through writing and presentations.

Associates work as part of a team on consulting engagements in a collegial, development-centered community. We provide our Associates with a variety of experiences and personalized development by working with industry-leading experts. Associates are central members of each project team responsible for framing problem-solving approaches, project management, supervising the project team, developing client relationships, and building personal expertise in new areas. As they gain valuable hands-on project experience, Associates also become more involved in marketing and business development efforts. The Brattle Group commits to continuous training and development for consultants and has a strong track record of developing Associates into Principals/Experts.

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