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CIO – Investment Manager at the Montgomery County Green Bank

Ready to steer the course towards a cleaner, more sustainable future? Montgomery County Green Bank presents an exceptional opportunity for you to lead as our CIO – Investment Manager. Be a driving force in shaping a world powered by clean energy. With competitive compensation and a host of benefits, your journey to make a lasting impact begins here.

This position earns an excellent yearly salary of $175,000 to $200,000 plus bonuses. Additionally, we offer superb benefits, including medical, dental, vision, paid vacation time, personal days, paid holidays, sick days, and a 401(k). If this position sounds like it might be the right fit for you, read on to find out more!


We are a publicly chartered 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation dedicated to accelerating energy efficiency, renewable energy, and clean energy investment in Montgomery County. We partner with the private sector to provide more affordable and flexible financing options for clean energy and climate-resilient projects. Undertaken by county residents and businesses, these projects save energy, lower greenhouse gas emissions, create healthy living and working spaces, foster a more resilient economy, and help the county achieve its environmental goals.


Picture this: It’s a brisk morning as you walk into our vibrant office. Your first task? Engaging with your talented team, brainstorming creative market outreach and relationship management strategies to grow the investment portfolio. Next, you’re across a wide variety of transactions at different stages of origination. As the day progresses, you’re engaging directly with the Board of Directors and external partners in shaping new products, new strategies, and growing our impact. Your day concludes with a sense of accomplishment, knowing you’ve helped advance both financial goals and environmental responsibility.


An advanced degree (MBA or equivalent) in a relevant field
10+ years of leadership experience in nonprofit management, banking, investment/fund management, or related areas
Knowledge about finance, budgeting, and accounting principles
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
A track record of advancing energy efficiency and clean energy programs
Successful execution of climate resilience investments
Extensive knowledge of finance, budgeting, and general accounting principles with an understanding of real estate finance and loan processing would be a plus!


Embark on this journey within a full-time role, stationed at our vibrant Rockville, MD headquarters. Our collaborative workspace empowers innovation, allowing you to tailor your schedule to your work-life equilibrium.

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