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Commercial Business Manager at the Montgomery County Green Bank

The Montgomery County Green Bank (“Green Bank”) is Montgomery County’s designated Green Bank, a publicly chartered, 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to accelerating affordable energy efficiency and clean energy investment in Montgomery County, Maryland. The Green Bank partners with the private sector to build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusively prosperous, resilient, sustainable, and healthy community. Our work supports Montgomery County’s goal to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Summary of Position
The Green Bank is seeking a Commercial Business Manager (“Manager”) to help scale up clean energy investments across Montgomery County, MD in the commercial real estate (“CRE”) sector. This position is fundamental for the Green Bank to deliver financing for clean energy improvements of commercial and industrial properties throughout the County and aid these properties in achieving energy savings gained from those improvements. The work supported by this position is key to helping the County achieve its very ambitious goal of 0% greenhouse gas emissions by 2035.

The position will focus on clean energy transactions, including for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements, for commercial and industrial properties, including market rate and affordable multifamily, nonprofit, and common ownership properties.

The Green Bank employs many financing techniques to leverage its funds in partnership with other financial institutions to support clean energy finance. The Green Bank offers credit enhancement techniques, co-lending, and various other financing structures (such as Commercial-PACE) for flexible lending and investment to catalyze clean energy transactions and increase the private market capital investing in this sector.

To be successful, the candidate’s experience should include understanding of energy efficiency or clean energy financing as well as commercial real estate finance. Candidate must be familiar with the various investment strategies of debt, equity, subordinate debt, guarantees, and other credit enhancement mechanisms.

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