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Communications & Social Media Specialist, Climate

There isn’t a silver bullet, or a single pressure point to tackle the climate crisis. It will require an army of actors, a menu of pathways and an array of interventions in the right places. Tailoring approaches to these unique situations is the sweet spot for the Climate Program at World Resources Institute. We help businesses, policymakers and civil society at the local, national and international levels advance the deep structural shifts necessary to address climate change.

To take our communications to the next level, World Resources Institute is hiring a savvy Communications and Social Media Specialist that can develop and execute impactful communication strategies that extend our influence, media coverage and online presence. This role will serve a dual function: overseeing the Climate Program’s social media strategy and the communications strategies for a portfolio of projects.

As the Climate Program’s social media lead, you will confer with the Climate Program’s communications team to develop social media content, keep our social media platforms well populated and gather analytics to continuously improve how we engage stakeholders and increase our following. You will also work closely with our Design team to make compelling and shareable visuals. This position will also be responsible for managing communications outreach for a range of impactful teams on the Climate Program.

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