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Deputy Director, Innovations Program at Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA)

Position Overview

This position will support an exciting new initiative for the REBA Institute called the Next Generation Carbon-Free Energy Procurement Initiative (NextGen Procurement Initiative). The NextGen Initiative aims to expand the suite of energy procurement options for energy consumers to optimize decarbonization impact of their electricity procurement choices. To do so, this initiative seeks to:

  • Drive higher-impact procurement decisions by ensuring access to consistent, time- and location-relevant data on clean energy usage and GHG emissions.
  • Galvanize buyer demand across a broader portfolio of zero-carbon options by expanding accounting mechanisms and spurring the creation of new contracting and accounting mechanisms, as well as new recognition programs.
  • Evolve the prevailing narrative around grid decarbonization and buyer impact, by updating and expanding leadership recognition programs.

This role will be part of the leadership for a small, and growing, execution team developing and running the program in collaboration with external partners, such as the Clean Air Task Force, and a large set of multi-sector stakeholders. As such, this role will need someone who can demonstrate executive-level coordination with strong verbal and written communication; demonstrate strong technical and analytical skills, ideally with direct energy markets experience and a strong grasp of GHG emissions and attribute accounting; be able to facilitate and lead multi-stakeholder dialogues; be comfortable with the inherent ambiguity of creating a new program; and be able to maintain a simultaneous focus on implementation tasks and the overall project objectives.

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