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Director, Equitable Climate Solutions at Bezos Earth Fund

The Bezos Earth Fund was established to help drive these needed changes. Funded in 2020 by Jeff Bezos with a $10 billion philanthropic commitment, the largest philanthropic commitment ever made to fight climate change and protect
nature, the Earth Fund is now building its team, strategy, and portfolio of philanthropic work. The Earth Fund will deploy the full $10 billion by the end of this critical decade and aims to have the greatest impact possible with its resources.

Working closely with the President and CEO and the Vice President for Strategy and Programs, the Director, Equitable Climate Solutions will contribute creative, dynamic, and forward-thinking strategy to promote the fulfillment of the Earth
Fund’s vision and mission. The Director, Equitable Climate Solutions will lead the Fund’s work to engage with and strengthen organizations that promote equity and justice in addressing climate change. The Director will listen closely to, and engage with, leaders in climate and environmental justice in the U.S. and in other countries. This role will engage with frontline communities and be open to new ideas and partners. The Director will work with a growing team to identify and
support excellent organizations and projects, direct funding to high-impact platforms and initiatives, track results, and share knowledge. The Director will work with other Earth Fund Directors — Directors that focus on the Energy, Finance,
Nature, Food, and other areas — to integrate equity and justice throughout the Fund’s grantmaking, with the larger aim of driving global transformations necessary to meet the Paris climate goals.

The Director will approach this work with a spirit of curiosity, collaboration, humility, and learning, while also focusing on results and being ambitious on behalf of the Fund’s climate mission. While the United States will be one important focus
for this work, the Director’s scope will include geographies outside the United States as well.

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