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Director of the Climate Change Initiative, Chautauqua Institution

Chautauqua Institution seeks to fill its newly created position of Director of the Climate Change Initiative, a year-round program created to expand Chautauqua Institutions commitment to developing dialogue and leadership in fostering awareness, discussion, communication and impact on the urgent issue of Climate Change and its consequences. In the initiative’s first year, the Director will be responsible for building upon Chautauqua’s previous Summer Assembly work focused on climate change by designing and delivering online programs for the online CHQ Assembly platform and, as permissible by state regulations, face-to-face convening, workshops, conference events and travel programs; pursuing and establishing program and media partnerships; cultivating philanthropic support; finalizing a detailed
financial pro forma approved by the administration; establish a program advisory group; finalizing design of a college and university fellowship plan; and providing regular communication about the activities pursued through the Initiative and ongoing education about the issue of climate change.

Reporting to the Vice President/Emily & Richard Smucker Chair for Education, the Director of the Chautauqua Institution Climate Change Initiative will design and implement collaborative strategic initiatives to establish Chautauqua Institution as a leading authority on advancing education, advocacy, public policy and positive change on the existential issue of climate change. This incumbent provides administration and leadership for the newly established Chautauqua Institution Climate Change Initiative, a long-term effort to:

  • Create and share knowledge on climate change, its impacts, and actions that can contribute to reversing negative trends;
  • Leverage existing and new partnerships to create programs and experiences to engage citizens in ways that both advance their understanding of relevant issues and information and inspire and give them tools to take action in their home communities;
  • Serve as a resource for schools, communities, businesses and organizations that seek information and experiences to advance their plans to reduce their carbon footprint or enhance knowledge and understanding among their constituents;
  • Curate conversations leading to deeper understanding of the issues associated with climate change; build civil dialogue skills, abilities and dispositions among citizens; and showcase opportunities to act to achieve solutions to mitigate the impact of climate change;
  • Leverage its commitment to a science-based solution to Chautauqua Lake conservation as a living and grounds based laboratory for citizen action and engagement; and
  • Enable Chautauqua Institution to emerge as a leading organization making a positive contribution to the reversal of climate change trends.

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