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MEIA is looking for two Energy Executives in Residence and two Mentors to assist with commercializing new technology to accomplish ultra-high temperature catalyst manufacturing. This new technology will also create opportunities to design new catalyst materials. Ideal candidates are well-versed in the catalyst design and manufacturing industry and its technologies and have a strong combination of business and technology development experience.  APPLY NOW or read more below.

MEIA is helping commercialize the technology of University of Maryland Professor Liangbing Hu, the Herbert Rabin Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and Director of the Center for Materials Innovation. This technology was featured on the cover of Science in March 2018 and has been under continuous development.

This patented method of manufacturing and tuning of high entropy catalyst materials will create high performance, perfectly mixed multi-element catalysts.  This technology:

  • enables energy-efficient, clean and low-cost catalyst manufacturing
  • enables discovery of new materials and performance optimization
  • multi-functionality within one material
  • alloying of low-cost elements to replace noble metals

To learn more about high temperature shock synthesis, see this article in Science. To learn more about Dr. Hu’s lab, visit