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Environmental Finance Analyst at Quantified Ventures

About Quantified Ventures

Quantified Ventures is an outcomes-based capital firm that drives transformative environmental, health, and social impact. Through a process of identification, due diligence, and structuring, we design creative and efficient outcomes-based financial transactions for clients, helping to deploy impact capital to scale innovative and impactful social and environmental solutions. We operate in two teams – Environment and Health & Human Services.

The large and growing market for impact investment capital challenges the notion that there has to be a trade-off between financial and social returns. By deploying impact capital to environmental initiatives and social enterprises that are both demonstrating positive impact and achieving sustainability, we can build capacity to address the world’s most pressing challenges. At Quantified Ventures, we simplify access to impact capital to scale solutions and interventions that drive true social and environmental change through innovative financing mechanisms.

About the Environment Team

Our Environment team consists of three practice areas – Urban & Coastal Resilience, Agriculture, and Forestry & Land Use – and develops investments across a range of environmental issue areas, including green stormwater infrastructure, wetland restoration, sustainable agriculture, water quality, recreation infrastructure, waste recovery, energy efficiency, and conservation.

The team works with nonprofit organizations, social enterprises, corporations, investors, and governments who demonstrate capacity for transformative social and environmental change. By negotiating purposeful partnerships between leaders across sectors, we help them tap into and accelerate the deployment of financial resources needed to sufficiently pilot and scale environmental projects, and deliver meaningful impact. We do this through transactions that structure payment around the outcomes of a project, rather than just the project costs, an approach we first pioneered in the environmental space through Environmental Impact Bonds (EIBs).

What We Do

We design and execute outcomes-based transactions from beginning to end. Our work includes:

  • Prospect due diligence. Analyzing business operations, target markets, working experience, growth strategy, and other areas before determining whether to work with a prospect.

  • Feasibility assessments. Ensuring service provider and payor readiness to participate in outcomes-based contracts.

  • Project management and contract / transaction structuring. Moving multiple stakeholders through our methodology while being attentive, responsive, and flexible to their individual needs is a requirement to efficiently structure a transaction.

  • Evaluation design. We help determine, with stakeholders, the desired level of rigor to evaluate the effectiveness of the project.

  • Financial modeling and outcomes pricing. We develop the budgets or models required to enable scale and project success and then layer on projected outcomes, timelines, outcomes effect sizes, and projected cost savings, leveraging payor historical data to establish baselines.

  • Capital sourcing. We help our clients develop growth plans, prioritize and reach out to potential investors, and advise on term negotiations with the goal of sourcing the required capital to scale interventions and social impact.

  • Post-project launch management. Once the capital is secured, the project begins. While much of Quantified Ventures’ work is related to structuring investable projects, there is a large role that we play in ensuring the ongoing success of the project by managing the contract and evaluation model, while knowing when to adjust course to maximize the likelihood of achieving outcomes.

Roles and Responsibilities

As a key member of the Quantified Ventures team, the Analyst will play an instrumental role in contributing to the growth and development of all areas of the business. Including strategy, business development, product development, client service delivery, operations, and marketing.

Responsibilities include supporting the client delivery teams, including:

  • Conducting research on client issue areas,

  • Conducting due diligence on prospects and potential outcomes-based partners,

  • Building economic models to price outcomes and predict future revenues, savings, and/or cash flows,

  • Drafting program and/or intervention budgets,

  • Facilitating and supporting client working sessions,

  • Assisting on the drafting and editing of deal terms and structuring,

  • Supporting the investor outreach and syndication process,

  • Supporting outreach to evaluation partners,

  • Supporting outreach to potential payors, and

  • Supporting management on other tasks as needed, including scheduling, travel and contacts management, communications, and marketing.


Quantified Ventures is a fast-paced, creative, supportive, and collaborative consulting environment that keeps clients’ needs front and center. We are seeking entrepreneurial candidates with the drive, can-do attitude, creativity, commitment to innovation, and attention to detail to help the Quantified Ventures team advance its mission. More specifically, candidates must have:

  • Bachelor’s degree required,

  • Experience in a role with significant analytical responsibility,

  • Creative quantitative skills,

  • Strong research capabilities,

  • Excellent written communications skills including the ability to quickly research, synthesize, and summarize critical findings on unfamiliar topics,

  • Top notch listening and compelling oral communications skills,

  • Commitment to rigor and excellence,

  • An ability to manage multiple and competing priorities independently and simultaneously,

  • Willingness and ability to express contrary views and seek consensus against other priorities such as time and budget constraints,

  • Passion for advancing the fields of outcomes-based financing, public and nonprofit management, and impact investing, and

  • An ability to bring humor, joy, and humility into this groundbreaking work.

To Apply

Please send a cover letter and resume to with the subject line of “Analyst, Environmental Finance”. Review of applications will be conducted on a rolling basis. 

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