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Environmental Investigation Agency Climate Campaign Policy Analyst

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) is a 501(c)(3) independent, international, non-profit advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C., with a proven record of instigating and affecting systematic change to protect the Earth’s environment. Over the last three decades, EIA has established a unique paradigm of methods — including pioneering the use of undercover investigative techniques to expose environmental crimes and drive change. These crimes include illegal trade in endangered wildlife, illegal logging and associated trade in illegal timber, and the trade in both climate damaging and ozone layer depleting gases.

Since its founding in 1984, EIA has led efforts to protect the global climate with the campaign’s core strategy centering on ridding the world of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), potent greenhouse gases used primarily in refrigeration, air conditioning, and foam applications. EIA is actively working around the world to achieve a global phase-down of HFCs that could lead to cumulative emission reductions of more than 70 billion tonnes CO2e by 2020.

EIA is seeking an experienced, adaptable, and committed full-time Policy Analyst to join our Climate Team in the Washington, D.C. office to further its Climate Campaign goals.

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