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Multiple Positions Available–The Chisholm Legacy Project: A Resource Hub for Black Frontline Climate Justice Leadership


The mission of the Chisholm Legacy Project is rooted in the Just Transition Framework. The project serves as a vehicle to connect Black communities on the frontlines of climate justice with resources to traverse the path from vision to strategy to action plan to implementation to transformation. In support of frontline leadership, the project seeks to link movements and mainstream entities with the tools necessary to advance systems change centered in equity and justice.  With Black women on the frontlines of advancing systems change, this project ensures that these leaders have the support they need as they transform society from extractivism to a living economy that cares for sacred relationships between people and with Mother Earth, through regenerative, cooperative, democratic systems.


The key to the movement support work the Chisholm Legacy Project does is ensuring that racial justice is centered in the efforts to advance climate justice. To do so, we will facilitate black caucusing, as a way to…. not separate from the larger movement…. and instead to have space to organize and infuse racial justice from a place of strength, power, and collective strategizing within the movement.  As such, the Alignment Initiatives Manager will be coordinating a series of projects aimed at organizing black-led and culturally rooted affinity groups within larger organizing including Black Youth, Black Faith Leaders, Black Culture Workers, Black Professional Coaches, and more! The Alignment Initiatives will also include the Living Legacies, Thriving Stewards Initiative and the Afro Descendant Climate Justice Collaborative. The Manager will serve as catalyst, coordinator, resource matchmaker, and secretariat for these initiatives! The Alignment Initiatives Manager will receive supportive supervision from the Chief Program Officer.




The Chisholm Legacy Project is seeking a highly organized systems-thinker to serve as our Research and Policy Manager. The primary role of the Research and Policy Manager is to support research, policy analysis, communications, organizing and materials development to support frontline leadership in centering racial justice in the climate justice movement as well as in the overarching quest to advance the Just Transition Framework. The Research and Policy Manager will execute the Black American Legislative Equity Collective, the Chisholm Legacy Project Community Based Participatory Research Program, and support the Chisholm Legacy Project Signature Training and Certification Programs. The Research and Policy Manager will manage a team of Research and Policy Associates and receive supportive supervision from the Chief Program Officer.




We are looking for a talented systems-thinker, who is passionate about the civil and human rights of all people.  The ideal candidate is a stellar interpersonal communicator, can look at a process and see the system that will enable and sustain success, and enjoys plunging one’s hands in the soil and getting started! The Popular Education Manager will develop an overarching, cross-cutting strategy for strengthening the Chisholm Legacy Project’s capacity in writing and training in a way that is firmly rooted in the “pedagogy of the oppressed” popular education practices.  The person will guide the entire team in raising our skill level in popular education training and riding through collective training and individualized coaching. The person will also conduct training of trainer sessions with our leaders at the state and local levels. Furthermore, the Popular Education Manager will produce training curriculum and educational materials to ensure that we deliver our content in the most effective, consumer-friendly manner possible.  The Popular Education Manager will be the lead trainer/facilitator for trainings/convenings we will execute over the course of the year. The Popular Education Manager will be supported by two Popular Education Associates who will assist with the execution of this portfolio. The Popular Education Manager will receive supportive supervision from the Chief Program Officer.




Recognizing that Narrative shift is a critical component of systems change towards Just Transition, the Chisholm Legacy Project has prioritized a communication strategy that is centers the voices of frontline communities. Too often our society has been swayed by overt and dog-whistle narratives that advance a scarcity mentality, prey on fears, and foster divisiveness. The Chisholm Legacy Project Narrative Strategy Manager will ensure that we develop and implement a Communications Strategy that lifts narratives of abundance, cooperation, regeneration and a caring economy!  With projects such as the Black Climate Justice Toastmasters and the Our Stories, Our Narratives Digital Media and Film Initiatives, the Narrative Strategy Manager will ensure that the strategy and platform will be culturally rooted and resonant. The Narrative Strategy Manager will receive supportive supervision from the Chief Program Officer and the Chief Operations Officer.




The Transformational Climate Finance Initiative envisions new economies that embody a Just Transition grounded in reclaimed commons, a caring society, centering of cooperation, and deep democracy. Designing scalable exemplars will build on the successful modeling of groups like PUSH Buffalo, the East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative, Native Renewables, Emerald Cities Collaborative, and more. We will assemble a brain trust of key advisors in the field of community led investment, solidarity economy, cooperatives, and regenerative design, to ensure well-informed implementation of programming. To achieve execution at significant scale in black communities, this initiative will engage with communities supported by multiple national base building organizations, many of whom have deep relationships with municipalities, to develop the projects/deals. Building on the success of these projects, the Chisholm Legacy Project will develop and advance a suite of policies and programs that replace failed initiatives that are tools of the extractive economy, such as “opportunity zones”, with federal, state, and local policies that uphold community ownership and sovereignty. The Transformational Climate Finance Manager will facilitate the project, including convening a multidisciplinary brain trust, assembling a resource guide for the projects, and supporting the community organizing team in working with communities to develop community economic development projects rooted in new/solidarity/living economy principles and practices. The Transformational Climate Finance Manager will receive supportive supervision from the Chief Program Officer.





The Chisholm Legacy Project Community Organizing Manager will ensure that communities are facilitated to develop visions of climate justice rooted in radical imagination, strategies that center power building and self-determination, action plans that build on assets and fill capacity gaps and accompanied implementation towards transformation and systems change at the local, state, regional, national, and global levels.  Communities will develop and implement climate action plans to ensure that communities eliminate harmful emissions that not only compromise planetary wellbeing but compromise health and wellbeing as well as ensuring that communities are prepared with resilience and adaptation methodology that address the impacts of climate change including shifts in agricultural yields, rising sea levels, and increase in frequency and severity of extreme weather. All of this will be within the context of community wealth building, regenerative systems, cooperation, caring, and deep democracy