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Project and Research Director, David Gardiner and Associates (DGA)

David Gardiner and Associates (DGA) is a Washington, D.C. area-based strategic advisory firm focused on climate change, clean energy, and sustainability. We promote a wide range of clean energy solutions, including renewable electricity, transmission, electric cars and trucks, renewable thermal energy, clean fuels, and more. Our clients are an exciting mix of non-profit organizations, corporations, trade associations, and governments. We help our clients with strategic planning, research and analysis, and improved communications through our partnership building and advocacy.

The majority of the Project and Research Director’s time will be dedicated to working with one of DGA’s major clients, the Renewable Thermal Collaborative. The Renewable Thermal Collaborative (RTC) is the global coalition for companies, institutions, and governments committed to scaling up renewable heating and cooling at their facilities, dramatically cutting
carbon emissions. RTC members recognize the growing demand and necessity for renewable heating and cooling and the urgent need to meet this demand in a manner that delivers sustainable, cost-competitive options at scale.

David Gardiner and Associates is looking for a talented Project and Research Director to join their small, close-knit, and nimble team. For two-thirds of their time, the Project and Research Director will work closely with the DGA’s Senior Vice President, who serves as the RTC’s Executive Director, to accelerate the RTC’s work across renewable thermal technologies, market development, and policy. The other third of the Project and Research Director’s time will be dedicated to projects with other DGA clients.

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