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Project Manager (Environmental Analyst III) with MDOT | Closes June 29th

The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) is looking for a Project Manager to join their Water Programs Division. The Office of Environmental Design’s (OED) Water Programs Division (WPD) is responsible for the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Program for MDOT SHA. This position will assist will all facets of permit compliance.

The WPD responsibilities include ensuring MDOT SHA is working towards, achieving and/or maintaining compliance with Maryland surface water quality standards (designated uses, water quality criteria, anti-degradation), MS4 discharge permit conditions, based on the Federal Clean Water Act (CWA) to minimize pollutants entering Maryland waterways from MDOT SHA storm drain systems and restore impervious surfaces. WPD is also responsible for achieving or maintaining waste load allocations (WLAs) or other pollutant loading targets to meet established total maximum daily loading (TMDL), including the Chesapeake Bay and local TMDLs.

This position functions as Project Manager in WPD and provides various services to support compliance with MDOT SHA’s NPDES/MS4 permit. Responsibilities include program and project planning, implementation, monitoring/inspection and credit verification, asset tracking, adaptive management, Geographic Information System (GIS) data management & maintenance, and data analysis and reporting.

Responsibilities will be accomplished through collaboration with WPD and consultant staff that includes engineers, landscape architects, environmental specialists, scientists, biologists, GIS analysts and database managers, or other natural resource professionals.

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