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Sustainability Coordinator for the City of Rockville

The City of Rockville’s Environmental Management Division is hiring a Sustainability Coordinator. The position works with residents, businesses, City departments, and regional governments on the development and implementation of a variety of sustainability initiatives; including green building, energy efficiency, renewable energy, climate action planning, recycling and waste management, stormwater management, and environmental education and outreach.

This position is responsible for performing difficult professional and administrative work related to the development and implementation of City-wide environmental and sustainability programs; energy efficiency and renewable energy projects; ordinances, rules, policies, guidance, and training; and City compliance with State and federal environmental laws, rules, and permits. The work requires a collaborative, proactive, entrepreneurial approach to promote sustainability values and techniques to both the public and staff from various City departments. This position serves as the City lead for identifying, designing, and tracking sustainability initiatives and projects across all City departments and divisions.

The work requires considerable technical understanding, tact, discretion, and persuasion supplying and seeking information on specialized matters. The work is subject to general policy direction, practices, and procedures covered by precedents and the general supervisory review by the Chief of Environmental Management.

The application deadline is September 27, 2019. More information about the position is available here.