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University of Maryland Sustainability Outreach Coordinator

The Office of Sustainability is seeking an Outreach Coordinator to lead efforts to integrate sustainability into the culture of the University of Maryland.

The Coordinator will serve as a campus sustainability resource by working with faculty, staff, and students to provide the knowledge, skills and motivation that will integrate and enhance sustainable values and practices into the University’s strategic planning process, the management of its resources and operations, facilities planning and design, research activities, the curriculum and student life.

The Coordinator will develop, implement and maintain campus­-wide sustainability programs designed to encourage sustainable behaviors by the campus community, further UMD’s reputation as a sustainability leader, and carry out programs that expand sustainability literacy on and off campus.

With the Sustainability Manager and the Director, the Coordinator will plan and manage workshops and meetings around sustainability topics and provide consultation to the University Sustainability Council and its associated workgroups.

This position will also organize the Office’s Maryland Day participation. This position will develop technical papers and recommended strategies to improve campus environmental and sustainability performance; identify college and university trends in sustainability programming; and represent the University on college, university and agency sustainability work groups. This position will also identify and explore sustainability ­related research topics; hire and direct student interns and volunteers; develop and provide training and lectures; provide technical instruction; and support the Sustainability Manager and Director.