Thursday Dec 07

NEA Alternative Gift Fair

11:30 AM - 02:00 PM

Does your uncle really need another tie? Why not give him a gift that aligns with his passion for the environment? Your best friend was a teacher all her life. What if you could find a gift that supports literacy for children in under served neighborhoods?

Your spouse is concerned about all the people affected by recent disasters and you want to give them gifts that will warm their hearts. What if you could give them a gift that sent needed support to those dealing with the disaster?

Buying alternative gifts is an inspiring, meaningful and easy way to do your holiday shopping. An alternative gift supports a direct need for a person or community in need, such as asthma medication for someone who cannot afford it, books for a child in transitional housing, or work clothes for a newly employed person.

When you buy an alternative gift you receive an insert describing the gift and the organization and programs it benefits. You can present this to your friends or family that says a “gift has been made in their honor”.

It's a win-win-win event. Those in need get support,the person receiving the Alternative Gift knows you got them something and you get to spend your money in a way that makes a difference in someones life.